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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Good movie. Plenty of adult humor threaded into it to keep adults entertained, plenty of eye candy to keep everyone entertained, plenty of Johnny Depp to keep the hormone squad entertained. :-p I do agree with one particular review in that this version of Willy is SO channeling some Michael Jackson freak factor. Not in the creepy could-be-a-child-molester kind of way, but in the creepy that-guy-is-just-wrong-in-the-fucking-head kind of way.

Work: Boring. It's the weekend. Of course it's boring. What else would it be? I haven't heard any horror stories yet about that thing that was released yesterday from co-workers, but I'm sure the stories will come.

City of Heroes: Issue 5 is on the test server. Statesman actually made a post titled "Balance Vision". I started having flashbacks. I was like, "Wait a minute... when did it become 'Brad ''Statesman'' McQuaid' in charge of things??? Isn't supposed to be 'Jack ''Statesman'' Emerret'???" He actually used the words "balance" and "vision" as the title of a post.

All I can think is... THE VISION™!!!!!ONE11!!ELEVENTYONE!!

(Yes, you must imagine that in a big booming !FruityMaster voice ala Cordy-as-the-big-bad in Angel season 4.)

Anyrate, I'm a bit jaded at this point. Regen got the pointy end of the stick again, but not nearly as badly as it has in the past. I actually don't hate the changes. o_O Figure that one out. Invuln got the pointy end of several sticks, and a quick visit from Lorena Bobbit as a chaser. I want to suspect that some of that was due to Geko's infamous typos, but I think it may not be. Controllers just had their kneecaps removed. No fun dancing without them. I suspect the Invuln and Controller changes (as well as a couple other targeting issues [taunt anyone? and holy shit they nerfed Hidden Justice since Fulcrum Shift will only hit 10 enemies max now!!]) are going to be bait-n-switched to a less hateful version relatively shortly, much to the well-expected annoyance of those who are actually paying attention and much to the happiness of those who just want to fellate the dev team at every given opportunity.

New power sets in this Issue! I love Sonics, both Sonic Debuff (Defender Primary) and Sonic Attacks (Blaster Primary) versions. I've got a Sonic/Sonic Defender on Test who is having a blast and a Sonic/Energy Blaster who's having even more fun. I think that Jared Infinity on Virtue is going to be remade as Sonic/Energy once I5 goes live. He's currently a low level Energy/Energy Blaster. I like Trick Shot and Archery, but the power text is all wrong on Trick Shot. Nothing yet does damage in game, but Ice Arrow is supposed to according to all the text for it. The Archery attacks are kind of boring so far, but I still like them. I do have a Trick Arrow/Archery Defender on Test as well. He will also port over to Virtue when it goes Live. I suspect Controllers will love Trick Arrow as a secondary, although, at the moment I don't know many Controllers who aren't plotting death and destruction to the Devs and to hell with the rest of the world. :-p

Oh, yeah, I expect big nerfage to come towards Sonics. There is so much potential for destruction with those sets (they debuff damage resistance, after all, and it's not just one power that does it... it's practically every power that does it) that they almost can't go live in their current state. We'll have to see how far they can push it in larger groups and at higher levels, but I smell a nerfing in the air.

Highlander: The Raven: I own it. And there was much rejoicing. And much sadness, to find out all the crap that was going on behind the scenes during the short time that series was with us. For the record, Elizabeth Gracen was dating a raging sociopath who had her convinced that Kenneth Star was after her (she knew Clinton, remember, and this was during the whole blowjobgate fiasco) and that various government and criminal agencies were trying to spy on her and whatnot. And he fed her all sorts of lies about her co-star which caused even more tension. The producers and writers all gave the impression that they felt so badly for her when it all came to light what this asshole was doing, which unfortunately wasn't until after the show was canceled. And, can I just say, I have become truly spoiled by Joss Whedon's work. Watching the interviews for this series I got the impression that there were far too many cooks in the kitchen trying to dictate this show's direction, and it truly screwed it over. Hell, the producers they interviewed all felt like they got pushed and shoved into doing things they rather wish they hadn't on this show. Just knowing that there was no cohesion behind the scenes on the show (when there is so clearly an abundance of cohesion behind the scenes on Joss Whedon's shows) was depressing. I loved Highlander and the character of Amanda. They deserved way better than this.

Lois and Clark: Season 1: I own this, too. Okay, it's not as exciting as Highlander, but it's still good fun. I completely get why they dropped Cat Grant in season 2, though. It wasn't the actress, for certain. It was the writing of the character and the makeup jobs they did for her. She looked horrid in the episodes with the exception of the scene in her apartment (dinner with Clark) when she doesn't look like a $2 whore and was in sweats and her hair is actually softened up and her makeup looked like it wasn't applied with a trowel. I've seen Tracy Scoggins in a couple of shows after this one and she looked way better in those shows than she did in this one. I mean, in the first three hours of the series she looked like a woman exactly once. How on earth they managed to make her look that bad that often is beyond me.

Buffy: Working through Season 4, in between the previous three bits mentioned above. Just finished "The Initiative". Looking forward to "Hush", as it is one of my all time favorite episodes.

I brought my Buffy and Angel RPG books to work today. Going to make some test characters during my lunch break. Remake the Lisa Stall I did before as well as make a Sarina Matrilor ([livejournal.com profile] templar_rose would know her. She and Lisa were inseparable back in the AD&D 2nd Edition days.) and a few others. I would like to play (or run) it at some point, but [livejournal.com profile] satyr_mi doesn't want to play in it. So I may put together a D20 Modern game or something.
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This will be my goal during lunchtime, as obviously my work goals are sorta constants. :-p

I brought two gaming books to work with me. The Buffy core rulebook and The Magic Box supplement. I'm going to make a version of Lisa Stall with them and see how she turns out. Probably do her as a White Hat at first, possibly make stronger versions depending on how long that takes. If I have time, I may even post them. :-p

Yeah, I'm a dork. :-p
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Retail Therapy:
This weekend was/is employee appreciation weekend for us Borders type people. So, [livejournal.com profile] satyr_mi and I went to Borders on Friday and partook in a lil retail therapy. He bought seasons 2 and 3 of Wonder Woman, a Star Trek book and a couple CDs. I bought the D20 Modern Menace Manual, Weapons Locker, D20 Past and D20 Apocalypse. On Saturday we went to Borders Express in Briarwood and picked up another book for him and Complete Adventurer and Complete Arcane for me.

Of course, we only went to the mall because one of the pads on my glasses snapped and I had to get it repaired. Got two new pads and a nice comfy fit out of it. For free. I really should make an appointment to get new glasses, though. These are two years old now.

City of Heroes:
Got Hidden Justice's third costume completed. You can take a look at other pictures of it over at my scrapbook page. Gotta love the benefits of a paid account for that one. I also added some pictures of Countess Crey (after she kicked Kung Ru's ass), a picture of Hidden Justice's battle against Maestro, and some really cool looking shots of a Fake Nemesis.

Made a new Defender on Triumph. I think I named her Seraph's Shadow, but I can't remember. Got her up to level 2, and then proceeded to not level her up because I'm not sure what I want to take. o_O It's sad that I think these things out so much. Also played Tiny Tina a little on Triumph. Did a few missions as Kung Ru on Pinnacle. Remade Jared Infinity as an Energy/Energy Blaster on Virtue. Pretty much just messed around for the most part.

Started to re-read the Harry Potter series. Need to be ready when the next one comes out, even though I won't be buying it for at least a week.

Working on Season 3 at the moment. Just finished up Gingerbread. Well, actually, I fast forwarded through it and watched a few interesting scenes that didn't make me want to turn it off and do something else. I don't really like watching that episode much. It's no Inca Mummy Girl, but it has it's share of badness.

Buying all those D&D and D20 books is making me want to play again. Maybe run a game, but I'm not good at running games so much. Although, now I have more ways to make characters for various systems, so it could be interesting to just make characters again. I do need to pick up D20 Future to take full advantage of some of the books, but that may be easier said than done. None of the local Borders had it. May have to actually *mock shudder* order it online. :-p

I should see if any new Buffy RPG books have come out. They take forever... There should be something by now... I got everything up to The Magic Box, or Slayer's Handbook or something like that...
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I spent the last couple days watching every episode from Season 1 of Buffy. Every episode. Even the ones I hate ("Teacher's Pet" and "The Puppet Show", and the supposed nerds in "I Robot, You Jane" who were just freaks). Okay, I did fast forward through a couple parts of "The Puppet Show". Sid was just retarded. Smart demon hunter, making the person who is your cover look like a jackass in class and getting him in trouble. It's no wonder he got himself cursed by a demon he was hunting. Freak is lucky he didn't get vamped back in the day. ~_~

Anyrate. Moving on now. So, yeah. Watched all of Season 1. Now I'm thinking of doing the same to Season 2, but I'm not sure how well I'll put up with "Some Assembly Required", "Ted" and "Bad Eggs". None of them are quite as bad as "Teacher's Pet", but they aren't my favorite hours of Buffy by a long shot.

In some COH related news, I got bored and made a new controller. Fire/Kin. Didn't even hit level 2. Prolly won't continue playing her, but she was amusing to make.

Time to heavily caffinate myself. The workday is more than half over, but I've still got 6.5 hours to go...
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Once upon a time, I started compiling a list in my head of episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer that one could show to an unsuspecting individual and probably hook them instantly. I would try to think of episodes that you don't really need a lot of context for because they either are fairly stand alone or they have such a great punch that context is sorta secondary to the greatness of the episode.

I've been trying to do the same thing with Angel lately and it's not quite so easy. You really really need context for the best episodes in that show. Heck, you really need to watch two and three at a time in some cases to really get the full impact of the show.

This is a tentative list. I don't know for sure on some of these, and there may be some I've missed. But I've been watching so much Angel lately that it's been coming to mind a lot. :-p This could be fodder for a "Best of Angel" marathon party at my place at some point.

List below the cut. )
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Between a co-worker talking about the Buffy RPG that he's running, and reading Whedonesque a lot recently, I have a very strong desire to sit down with my DVD player (and my PS2, because S6 disk 2 hates my DVD player) and watch a bunch of Buffy episodes. Preferrably very Willow-centric episodes. And Once More With Feeling.

And Chosen, hence the icon!
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We have a day scheduled for Shadowrun! GLEE! Requested the time off from Borders (still waiting to hear back on that). Need to request it off from Booth. It's going to wind up with a week of vacation for me, which is something I really really need.

[livejournal.com profile] satyr_mi has a pseudo cold. :( It's just a cough and an annoying inability to sleep at the moment. No sniffles. And if he's laying down the cough seems to go away for a bit. Going to nab some cough syrup on my way home from work tonight. Also need to nab some groceries (milk, cheese, soda, mayo, orange juice) to get us through the week. We've got plenty of everything else right now.

The big changes in our department are starting. My now sorta former Supervisor spends most of her time down where the Corporate Support people live, our new Supervisor has moved over from accross the hall into one of our old tech's cubes, and our big page of daily stats has morphed to include the totals from all three help desks. Gotta love the abandonment rates on calls when one of our main corporate servers goes down the tubes and takes two days to get back up. But it's all better now.

There are people in our area measuring things. Sorta a "figure how much space we're using and need" kind of thing. See, we've been set up as basically three help desks, two of which lived in the same area. The third, which supports the home office and some remote corporate users, lives in another area. Ideally, we will all wind up in one area together. It would make all of our jobs a lot easier simply based on how the department is now supposed to be set up. This isn't going to happen for at least a few months, though, so not a big deal yet.

I'm actually very very excited about all of this. Yes it could mean more work for me during the day, but it's also more opportunity to learn new systems. Especially since we have some more current technology at work in the home office than we do in most of the stores. Some stores have shiny new things, but we're really sorta flying blind with it because many of us are just learning the tricks of the OS (XP) for them that we've had years to learn with 98. I'm a fast learner. It'll all be good.

I spent a couple weeks watching all of Buffy season 3 and then started on season 4. Didn't finish season 4. I just couldn't get through the more Riley centered episodes just after Adam appears. There are some incredibly excellent episodes in there, it's just tough to work through some of the bad episodes. At some point I need to go through season 1 and season 2 again. I still need to get seasons 4 and 5 of Angel, too. And season 2 of Dead Like Me when it comes out. So annoyed that that got cancelled.

Well, work is getting pretty busy, so I shall get back to it since this sat for an hour and a half before I could finish it. :-p

Oh, yeah, level 14 with Hidden Justice on Virtue in CoH. I couldn't pass it up entirely, now could I?
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Happy belated birthday to [livejournal.com profile] badbob! Yeah yeah, I'm never on time for anything lately. :-p

This update is going to be long... Very long. Especially seeing as how I want to catch up for not doing any regular posting in, what, one or two months now? My posts on my main page (of which there are 15) stretch back to November for crying out loud!

Let's start with New Year's Day and all that jazz. 2004 is officially gone. )

Now for some gaming stuff. Well, gaming of the console and computer variety. )

And now for tabletop gaming! )

Keith bought me Season 7 of Buffy as a pseudo-Christmas present this year. After generally pseudo-freaking over the expenditure of money we may or may not have actually had to spend, I got over it and was very happy to have it. )

Well, I think that about covers it for me. Two hours to write an update. Imagine that!

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