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Eagerly awaiting the new season of True Blood. Got season 1 (twice, first copy had two disk 5's and no disk 3's) and have been enjoying it far too much. Especially with enhanced viewing. Also been re-reading the first four books. Need to get the rest since they are introducing characters in season 2 that don't appear in the books until book 5 and later.

Been watching a lot of Dollhouse on iTunes. Probably more than is healthy. I even made a small number of icons from "Man on the Street". Because, ya know, I post oh so much...

Been playing City of Heroes and Civilization IV: Colonization and World of Warcraft. It's really hard to stay in one game for longer than 30 minutes at a time right now, though. -_- My ability to focus has gone pfffffzt!

Netflix is evil. In a good way. The Golden Compass was a good movie and they need to make the sequel now. Currently getting disks of Birds of Prey, which was cheesy and somewhat over the top but was still a pretty decent show.

Just finished a huge project at work and am now waiting to launch said project and train people on it. Time to get back to work
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Well, cable came back late last night. Much to my excitement. Spent the day with Battlestar Galactica, Legally Blonde: The Musical, and Civilization IV. Really. That was my day. Well that and cooking. And I may have watched an episode of Color Splash which was conveniently waiting on the Tivo.


Okay so I easily amused myself without internet. Bite me. :-p (Not an offer, [livejournal.com profile] eligrrl)

Now it's back to the daily grind at work. We're somewhat busy today, so I'm getting back to it now that lunch is over.
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Well, I didn't win the mega millions last night. *is sad*not really So the 9 to 5 slog (er, 8 to 5) continues for me. [livejournal.com profile] satyr_mi has his first full day of work today, so here's to hoping that goes well.

[livejournal.com profile] rubicontiger got ill yesterday so we had to go home early. He's feeling much better now, though. He wound up sleeping for a long while after we got home.

There is a filtered party planning post below this one. I posted a poll yesterday for anyone interested in attending. I have added a couple people to the filter that haven't responded yet because I've either a)talked to you about the party already or b)your ass is attending one way or the other. ^_^

Too Human continues to be awesome. Civilization IV continues to eat my brain. The world continues to turn and my hair and nails continue to grow. All in all, not too bad.

Oh! Hey, if you want to get me a birthday present, I wouldn't say no to WoW and City game time cards. I'm just sayin'...
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Quick update on the state of things.

Too Human is loads of fun. I haven't had nearly enough time to play it, though, since I keep getting interrupted. :-p Ah well, at some point I'll be able to play all the way through a level without interruption and, who knows, maybe even get an achievement for no deaths in a level (have to complete the level with no deaths and in one sitting to get them). Replaying levels is fun since more enemies show up and some breakables/obelisks have moved around. Plus, ya know, all the shiny tasty loot you can get again.

So far I'm enjoying the Champion and Berserker the most. The Bio-engineer is okay, but he takes forever to kill things. This is problematic in timed battle arenas. Heh. I still need to start up a Commando and a Defender.

Civilization IV has still eaten my brain. I play every night before bed and whenever I'm online chatting on my computer. It's kinda amusing.

Having a social life is nice. An in-person one, that is.

[livejournal.com profile] satyr_mi started work this week! I am very happy about this. Here's to hoping the job doesn't kill him. Heh. Hours aren't likely to be a problem since he's willing to work afternoons, but it looks like we'll be back to rarely seeing eachother. Won't be so bad once we're all caught up on bills, though...

Back to work for me!
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Holy crap I haven't posted in forever. Um. I've been busy? Well, okay, I've been playing Blue Dragon and Civilization IV and Sims 2 a lot.

Kitty (Daniel) is doing much much better. I think he likes his medication and fancy expensive (prescription) cat food. Sadly, the other cat likes the food, too, and convincing him to eat his food is hard. Stupid cat.

There are a few games coming out or that have come out that I want. I want Civilization: Revolution for the 360 for no good reason. I've played the Demo a lot. It's basically Civ-Lite, but for some reason I want it anyway. I know it's not anything I'd play a lot of, either, so I'm definitely not going out of my way to get it. I also downloaded the demos for Too Human (DO WANT) and Tales of Vesperia (probably want). Interesting games. Too Human is the game that Hellgate: London should have been (engine wise and the feel of the controls, at least).

On Saturday, we went to the Woodward Dream Cruise and watched an assortment of classic and not so classic cars drive by. The sad thing was all of the ones driving by with "For Sale" signs in their windows. -_- There was a Batmobile in the style of the 1960's TV show, which was pretty cool, and way too many variations of like three different styles of car. Don't ask me, I'm not the car guy. :-p Either way, fun was had, food was eaten, people were visited. The party we went to was hosted by some friends and there were around 20 to 30 people there all told. Spent too much time playing Wii games after getting bored with the cars, too. Heh.

Well, I got a lot of work done this morning and have more to get working on, so I'm going to go do that now.
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Pushing Daisies continues to be the best new show we have on our Tivo. Seriously. It's funny, it's dark, it's light, it's fast paced, it's emotional, it's smart. It's Dead Like Me on crack! If you are not watching this show you are seriously missing out.

We're quite astounded with how much we have on Tivo that we don't want to part with. We've never had this many shows, especially this many shows we want to watch together, in a single season. Pushing Daisies, Bionic Woman, Reaper, Chuck, and Heroes. Five hours of television per week that isn't on HGTV that we watch together. Add to that my show (Smallville) and [livejournal.com profile] satyr_mi's shows (Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, and Dirty Sexy Money) and you have a gigantoid segment of our lil 40 hour Tivo that is accounted for. Plus, [livejournal.com profile] carebear_flare likes to watch a few of these shows with us, too. It's psychotic!!

The problem is... we don't have a dual tuner. We need one badly. That way we can get Ugly Betty added to our list as opposed to having to wait for it on DVD or on marathons over the weekends. And we can also get Bionic Woman and Private Practice at the same time. Wednesday nights are particularly brutal for us. There aren't many shows on that we don't want to watch on Wednesday.

On a less TV related note, I paid the remainder of my rent yesterday, which only came out to around $8 somehow. I'm not complaining, but it means we've been overpaying somehow. We need to get that sorted out before next month's rent payment so we don't have it happen again. To celebrate being less broke than we thought, we all went out and partook of the Neverending Pasta Bowl at Olive Garden and we all proceeded to eat way too much food. A quick, and pricy, Meijer run followed, a drive home, some tv watching and sleep, and I'm still not hungry yet. Seriously!

I'm really excited about [livejournal.com profile] carebear_flare's new job at the Cage, and I'm hoping he can maneuver it into a permanent position. He even got a call from Borders for an interview in the AP department! When it rains it pours, I guess!

Well, I'm gonna go play something. Either Civ IV (which just got patched) or Sims 2 (which I haven't yet patched) or Blue Dragon (which I downloaded the Hard Mod aka New Game + for) or City of Villains where I'm slowly becoming addicted to a Brute.

Or maybe I'll go be a shameless flirt online. I've been known to do that.
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I'm not dead yet! Although, several of you knew that since I'm still all commenty and whatnot on journals. But, anyway, I was on vacation last week (as evidenced by my last friends-locked post), and I spent the entirety of it trying to relax. I got myself nicely readdicted to Civilization IV (the new expansion has made the game a lot of fun), Sims 2 (another new expansion came out), and Blue Dragon. Yes, Blue Dragon is an XBox 360 game. Yes, we bought an XBox 360 Elite. ANYRATE, it's fun. And [livejournal.com profile] satyr_mi got me mildly addicted to Forza 2, but that's neither here nor there. He's addicted to Bioshock, but, really, can you blame him? I got into an alpha test for a game which is turning out to be pretty fun. It's hopefully going into beta soon and should be released by the end of October. If you enjoyed Diablo II at all you should really like this game. I sorta OD'd on it while on vacation, so I've taken a couple days to play other games now. I got back on the City of Heroes/Villains bandwagon as well. My Mastermind has had a bit too much fun in the Rikti War Zone and is now finishing up her story arcs so that she can hopefully hit 40 soon.

We bought Season 1 of Heroes and, just as I expected, [livejournal.com profile] satyr_mi is thoroughly addicted. The the point of watching two disks with me in one day. We rarely watch TV on DVD together, so this was nice. We do watch a lot of HGTV together. Design Star Season 2 is having it's finale this Sunday, and Kim better freakin' win.

In terms of work, I just had a glowing mid-year review (we do reviews based on the fiscal year, not calendar year) so I'm in a pretty good mood regarding that. And all of our training stuff has been set up so we can work on taking courses that will allow us to get actual certs, so that'll be nice to dive in to. Of course, right now I have to dive back in to work, so I'm going to post this and be on my merry way
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This week has been psychotic. And by psychotic I mean "okay, stop the world, I need a break!" Work has been nutsoid, stuff at home has been nutsoid (in good ways pretty much), and I am so ready for the weekend to be here.

So, on a note related to a previous post of mine, I'm currently totally addicted to Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword, partially addicted to World of Warcraft and City of Heroes/Villains, and wanting to be addicted to The Sims 2.

I have ideas for Mage finally! This is of the good. I need to plan before actually running it, but I may be able to do something with it on Saturday. And we need to locate [livejournal.com profile] satyr_mi's character sheet.

I don't have anything really interesting to put in this post, I suppose. Posting for the sake of posting? Oh yeah!

Hmm. Maybe I'll write up a game of Civ that I play and post that...
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Everyone here already knows I'm a gamer. Regardless of this fact, I have a desire to babble about it some more. So, I'm going to. Well, not so much about gaming, but about what games I'm currently enjoying or looking to enjoy. (Boy that sentence sounds dirty when you type it out...)

Video Games
Mario Party 4: No, you didn't read that wrong. Ever since [livejournal.com profile] psifire's vacation visit, I've played a game or two of this a day. I realize that 4 came out an eternity ago, but we haven't bought an updated version in, well, ever. Maybe that'll change when we get some money. And we can buy two new controllers for the 'cube while we're at it.
Final Fantasy XII: If you read back far enough, you'll see when I got my hands on this game. I love it, but like every major FF release since 7, I never completed it on my first attempt. Unlike FFX, though, I plan on picking up where my save game currently is since I'm kicking so much ass in it instead of starting over.
Civilization IV: This game just came out with a second expansion (which we have yet to buy), so I'm busily smashing the AI into oblivion as any Leader that interests me. Once we get some extra money, we're getting the latest expansion.
World of Warcraft: The break I had to take due to moving for this game somewhat derailed me. Well, that and everyone else in my guild having breaks at about the same time for various reasons. I still want to play, but I don't want to just log in to pick flowers or lazily play an alt. I want to run instances with Letalli or Maristall.
City of Heroes: I'm seriously wanting to get back into this. I can't wait until we have some spare money so we can reactivate our accounts.

Tabletop Games
World of Warcraft CCG: I sorta want to play... I don't want to buy cards, but I want to play. Weird. My main problem with this is I don't know enough people who also play and I'm not going to just go play randomly at a store.
Mage: The Ascension: I want to run Mage, really I do! It's just that every time I get asked if I've been thinking about the Mage game (which [livejournal.com profile] satyr_mi and [livejournal.com profile] carebear_flare have had exactly one session of), my brain goes bezerk. The problem is, I know who the bad guy is. I'm not certain what the bad guy is doing, though. And I'm not certain what the character's mentors are up to yet, either. We've got this great built-in cast of characters (thanks to numerous WoD games we've played or run based in Ann Arbor), but I can't come up with a decent story in my head. It's driving me nuts.

I'd love to be a player in a tabletop RPG. I'm just having mental blocks coming up with characters.
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I got home from work a little late yesterday. There was an accident on I94 West, then just ahead of that there was a Semi pulled over. Then just off the exit to Jackson Road there was ANOTHER Semi pulled over. Fortunately, that was on the other side of the road and didn't contribute more to my delay. I then opted to not take 23 home and instead took Whitmore Lake Road home. Drove by the new High School. It's pretty nice looking, I must say.

Got home, declared that I wanted my birthday dinner to be pizza. [livejournal.com profile] satyr_mi thought I was going to say I wanted to go out for dinner, which I was actually worried he would want to do, because I really just wanted pizza. :-p We verified that we are no longer poor (yay refund deposits) and promptly paid two months worth of my car payment (I was behind o_o). So, we're pretty much caught up now on everything.

I played some Civ IV, chatted with some people online, played a little bit of WoW on Whisperwind (Aggramar was down for hardware upgrades). Listened to some music mixes that [livejournal.com profile] satyr_mi was working on. Then I opted to go to bed early since I hadn't been getting to bed at a decent hour all week. It almost worked out, too, until my work phone rang at 1:30 in the morning, confusing the hell out of me. ~_~

So, this morning? I'm at work. I normally don't work on Fridays, but since it is a holiday week (monday was Labor Day here in the US) I'm not working 10 hour shifts like I normally do. I'm working 8 hour shifts and I had Monday off, meaning I'm here today. It's all good. I only have 70 cases right now... x_x I can typically close between 6 to 12 a day, for the record. And, uh, I got 10 since I left yesterday...

So... Yeah. Back to work for me!
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I got home so early yesterday! It was surreal! I can't wait for the day I'm not working 4/10 anymore on a regular basis. As much as I am not a morning person, I'd love the 7 to 4 simply because I'd get home sometime before I have to go to bed at night!

Installed The Sims 2 and all it's expansions (no Stuff packs, as I have none) on the new computer. It runs like a dream. I only played for about half an hour, though, before hopping over to Civ IV land. Played that for an hour before hopping into WoW land to do one quest turn in and update all of my character profiles on RPGOutfitter.

Did some chatting with people online during all of that. Alt+Tab on the new machine doesn't even phase it at all. It's a glorious thing.

So, today, not sure what I'm doing. I'm taking a small WoW break because I need a bit of a breather. Letalli's going to hit 60 within the next three weeks tops, and we have a Sunken Temple run scheduled for Friday evening. All the quests but one have greened out on me already for that. After that I'm going to grind Timbermaw faction up to at least Friendly and then probably go back to the Western Plaguelands to do the AD quests there.

I think I'm going to do some more Sims 2 gaming tonight. I need to get Pleasantview all set up on the new machine. Have to add Sim State University to it as well as Downtown and Bluewater Village. Need to marry off Don to Cassandra, get Mortimer and Dina engaged (but I don't get them married at her place), get Nina started on her career path, get Daniel and Mary-Sue's relationship patched up, get Lillith and Angela friendly with one another, get Brandi un-pregnant and make her meet Darren Dreamer.

I should also go back to the Realms Beyond game for Civ IV that I'm playing. I'm about halfway done with it, I think. I'll probably get pasted by an AI soon anyway. But I want to finish it and write up the report so that it's ready on reporting day. I already know a few things I did spectacularly wrong, but I've never played at Monarch level before anyway.

Well, it's almost time for my lunch to be over and for me to get back to work. So, off I go!
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So, I started up a new game of Civilization IV Warlords and I couldn't decide who I wanted to play. I wanted do to a frequent war strategy. I let it randomly choose my civ.

I got Roosevelt of America.

So far, my opponents include Tokugawa, Julius Ceasar, Alexander, Napoleon... and Huayna Capac...

Well then. I can see who the tech leader is going to be...

One Civ left. Huayna founded Buddhism, and someone just nabbed Hinduism. My money's on Isabella.

So, my opponents appear to be 5 psychopaths and the tech king. Um. Yay?
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So, my weekend was actually pretty nice. Friday we did indeed go to see My Super Ex-Girlfriend, which wasn't bad. They didn't push the humor as far as they should have (it wanted to be raunchy, but came off more wink-wink nudge-nudge), but it was a fun movie. We then had dinner with [livejournal.com profile] dianak at Red Robin. Went home, played some video games, and then I began my last weekend of Midnights. Got a bonus check as part of the increase in my pay at the job as well. Going to stop and deposit it tonight on my way home.

[livejournal.com profile] paeryn and [livejournal.com profile] bluedepth came over to hang out with [livejournal.com profile] satyr_mi on Saturday. I mostly slept while they were here, since I got home at 8:30 am on Saturday and was dead tired. Got up around 3ish, took a shower, they got back from the lunch they had gone out to about that time. They played cards, I played some of the original Final Fantasy, then we all chatted and opted to go to dinner at Olive Garden. Took a very quick nap after that and then went back to work for my last midnight shift.

Got home sunday morning at around 8:30 ish, tried to stay up, but at 9:30 gave up and went to sleep until [livejournal.com profile] satyr_mi woke me at around 3:30. I played some Civ IV and some WoW (super fast Stockades run), then I went to bed.

And here I am. Lunch time at work. Also known as LJ time. :-p
Jul. 27th, 2006 08:15 am


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Yay! It's Thursday! Also known as my Friday. I don't have to wake up early tomorrow, of course I will still be woken up by two cats demanding to be fed even though they will still have food in their food dishes.

Plans for tomorrow include potentially going to see My Super Ex-Girlfriend, having dinner with (and giving some parting gifts to) [livejournal.com profile] dianak, and possibly doing a Zul'Farrak run in World of Warcraft. We may skip the movie, since we went to Best Buy last night and bought the expansion pack for Civilization IV.

I didn't install it, since I was bound and determined to get my Druid in WoW to 46, which I was successful at after a brief screaming match with the phone in regards to our internet service which has generall sucked of late. It keeps cutting out, and yesterday evening we could only get to the home page for our provider for a bit. While I was on hold waiting for a tech (huge queue, methinks they had an outage) the problem cleared up. So I was able to log in, kill Scorpids, and blow my entire cash wad on spell upgrades.

Tonight, I'll install it. No WoW for me tonight. Maybe I'll be lucky and [livejournal.com profile] satyr_mi will reinstall Civ IV and install my copy of the expansion for me so I won't have to, since neither are installed on my computer at present. *wink wink nudge nudge SLEDGEHAMMER oops*

And now, I work!
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When I get into something new, I really really get into it. If you look through the last two months worth of entries I've posted, you'll probably see indications that I am heavily addicted to Smallville, which is definitely not one of the best television shows ever produced. Fortunately, after a while, I reach a point where the obsession goes away, or at the very least becomes something slightly less neurotic. Finally hit that point. I mean, I was actually bored on my lunch break yesterday because I didn't go reading obsessively about things related to the show. :-p I still am finishing re-watching Season 4, and am watching new episodes as they air, but it's not the only thing I do with my free time anymore. :-p

So now I need new obsessions. Dragon Quest VIII is working nicely for a little bit, and I'm getting back into The Sims 2. I need to finish reinstalling it on my PC (still have to install Nightlife and the latest patch they released last week). I've also gotten back into City of Heroes/Villains thanks to them changing some of the game-stopping missions that spring surprise Archvillains on you (they'll be Elite Bosses if you're solo, which means that anyone with anything resembling healthy, sustained DPS should be able to take them out), and both [livejournal.com profile] satyr_mi and I are back into World of Warcraft. After my post from yesterday, we sorta decided to keep it running after the timecards run out. At least for the time being. I'm even considering a few more games of Civilization IV. Now I just need more free time to actually do all these things. :-p

On a related note, since we're supposedly playing Shadowrun on the 25th, I requested the 26th off from Borders and am considering requesting it off from Booth as well.

And now, time to do more work (virus issues annoy me).
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Civ IV almost made me late for work again today. :-p Although I didn't have to be here until 1 since I'm doing an afternoon today.

Currently playing as Tokugawa, Pangea, Noble difficulty. I actually wound up as "Japan on a Lake!" which was nice. My second city (and my original production powerhouse) was next to a lake AND the ocean. Hello three food fresh water lakes (with a Lighthouse)! I also have a relatively desert laden city with a freshwater lake (and another Lighthouse!) which is freakishly productive all things considered. My opponents are India, Spain, America, Mali, Russia, and China. China is my bestest of bestest buds and would eat out of my palm if I asked him. America is moderately friendly, but everyone else pretty much wants me dead.

Asoka of India has one city left (I took out all but two early on, one of his remaining culture flipped to Isabella of Spain, his remaining one is on the other side of Spain). I'm currently at war with Spain, who apparently had a Defensive Pact with India (o_O) so my War Weariness went insane. I'll just switch to Police State... oh, wait, no, didn't research the tech for it so I CAN'T! Oopsie. Culture slider goes up to 60% (eep!) and all's well in the world (good thing I actually built Theaters...) It's okay, though. She's only got four or five cities left (one of which is on a 1 tile island...), and I only need to take one more to reach Asoka and finish wiping him off the planet (and hence rid myself of one war's worth of weariness). Next up, Mansa Musa of the Malinese empire. He hates me already, so I've been waiting for him to sneak attack me. Of course, I have the ARMY OF DOOM which probably is making him wet his pants, so he may not do that. Time to start building tanks! ^_^

It was pretty funny when I first declared on Isabella. She rushed one of my micro-stacks, obliterating her own army in the process. Then she tried to send a naval sneak attack towards the former Indian cities I had taken, except I had a HUGE number of naval ships there already and sank her three frigates and three Galleons full of troops. That was probably half her army right there. And she didn't even try to get them back to port to keep them from sleeping with the fishies after the first round when I was only able to take out the Frigates.

My next game is going to be Archipelago. I wanna try something new. :) I'm thinking of being Spain again.

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