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Gary Gygax has passed away. If you're a big ol' D&D geek like me, this is sorta a big deal.
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Why am I looking forward to 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons now? Seriously? At first I was all *blah*, then I read some changes and went "wtf?" then I read about the ass raping they're giving to the Forgotten Realms setting (which apparently Ed Greenwood isn't all happy with, but isn't exactly crying into his cereal over) and went "oh hell no" but then I put all the changes together and went "I could actually do something with this..."


In other news, I'm at 1000/1000 gamerscore on Viva PiƱata now. And Assassin's Creed is really fun.

That is all. For the moment.
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I have a bunch of characters that I have been playing in various incarnations for over a decade now. Some of them I've been playing for 15 years easily. With City of Villains right around the corner, I've got the opportunity to get yet another take on and old character of mine.

So, let's delve into the world of character history, shall we?

Letalli V'Lesra, from Elven Princess to Regretful Shadowknight, and back again. )

Lisa Stall, from crazy fire-loving Mage to really fucking scary Tremere Vampire )

Ruanne Paul, from Specialist Wizard in the School of Cosmotology to really short druid to ultimate kick-ass! )

Now, I suppose it's only fair to mention a couple of characters who never really made the dive into multiple games. Sarina Matrilor should have, by all accounts, been a character I kept with me forever. While I've tried to make versions of her in games, none have ever stuck. She was modeled off of Red Sonja (but blond!) and was a lot of fun when I played her originally. I've just never been able to get her moving along again. Darren Sundance has made some cameos in games other than D&D, but none lasted more than a week. He was another comedic character I thought I could bring back, but he never made it.

So, now, we come to the character I'm excited about revisiting and creating a new past for with City of Villains.

Calista Matrilor/Kalleesta Nefaras, from insane cousin to dark priestess to even darker Necromancer. )

The user icon for this post is the first online version of Kalleesta. Original EverQuest graphics and all. And, in case you're wondering, that red chainmail she's wearing is the Blood Stained Tunic. I wonder how many people remember what that is? (Why, yes, she is KOS in North Freeport, why do you ask?)
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Retail Therapy:
This weekend was/is employee appreciation weekend for us Borders type people. So, [livejournal.com profile] satyr_mi and I went to Borders on Friday and partook in a lil retail therapy. He bought seasons 2 and 3 of Wonder Woman, a Star Trek book and a couple CDs. I bought the D20 Modern Menace Manual, Weapons Locker, D20 Past and D20 Apocalypse. On Saturday we went to Borders Express in Briarwood and picked up another book for him and Complete Adventurer and Complete Arcane for me.

Of course, we only went to the mall because one of the pads on my glasses snapped and I had to get it repaired. Got two new pads and a nice comfy fit out of it. For free. I really should make an appointment to get new glasses, though. These are two years old now.

City of Heroes:
Got Hidden Justice's third costume completed. You can take a look at other pictures of it over at my scrapbook page. Gotta love the benefits of a paid account for that one. I also added some pictures of Countess Crey (after she kicked Kung Ru's ass), a picture of Hidden Justice's battle against Maestro, and some really cool looking shots of a Fake Nemesis.

Made a new Defender on Triumph. I think I named her Seraph's Shadow, but I can't remember. Got her up to level 2, and then proceeded to not level her up because I'm not sure what I want to take. o_O It's sad that I think these things out so much. Also played Tiny Tina a little on Triumph. Did a few missions as Kung Ru on Pinnacle. Remade Jared Infinity as an Energy/Energy Blaster on Virtue. Pretty much just messed around for the most part.

Started to re-read the Harry Potter series. Need to be ready when the next one comes out, even though I won't be buying it for at least a week.

Working on Season 3 at the moment. Just finished up Gingerbread. Well, actually, I fast forwarded through it and watched a few interesting scenes that didn't make me want to turn it off and do something else. I don't really like watching that episode much. It's no Inca Mummy Girl, but it has it's share of badness.

Buying all those D&D and D20 books is making me want to play again. Maybe run a game, but I'm not good at running games so much. Although, now I have more ways to make characters for various systems, so it could be interesting to just make characters again. I do need to pick up D20 Future to take full advantage of some of the books, but that may be easier said than done. None of the local Borders had it. May have to actually *mock shudder* order it online. :-p

I should see if any new Buffy RPG books have come out. They take forever... There should be something by now... I got everything up to The Magic Box, or Slayer's Handbook or something like that...
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Headache went away around 4pm yesterday. It came back as I was driving home. The drive home sucked due to the weather. It snowed most of the day, and then turned into sleet. Add that to an over-tired me and you get a very not fun drive home. Wasn't panic attack inducing, just was annoying as hell. Took tylenol when I got home. Headache went away with that.

City of Heroes blabbering )

Going to finish my needed materials for the D&D next game on my lunch break. I just need to create some encounters and some dialogue. Nothing too tricky. Well, at least not on my end. It should be fun. Lots to do. Possibly lots to learn, although it could be little to learn as well. Fun should be had, though. New characters to meet. Monsters to kill. You know, the good stuff.

Anyrate, work is having a typical busy Monday, so I'm going to post this and get to it since it's caused this post to take well over an hour to write.
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Poor Daniel. He really tries to be a nice non-problematic kitty. Sadly, he has very long fur (part Maine Coon) and therefore gets really big hairballs. Around 3:30 am or so this morning, one of said hairballs decided to eject itself upon our couch. I cleaned it up, but we need to wash the cushion covers now.

Yes, I was awake at around 3:30 this morning. Only long enough to get a drink of water and clean up a hairball the size of a small third world country. The past few nights I keep waking up randomly in the middle of the night and then falling back asleep. It's getting kind of annoying.

We decided to keep Mortal Kombat: Deception for a few more days as the game has grown on us both. I'm enjoying it and whatnot. It's cheap to keep it for five more days anyway. Cheaper than renting it again anyway. :-p We will probably wind up buying it, but we actually need money for that and all.

Speaking of, we really have none at the moment. And I mean that in the most literal of senses. As in, I don't know how all the bills this month are getting paid on time. In fact, I'm 99% certain that some bills will not be paid on time this month because there just isn't the money for it. It's not the end of the world. Taxes have been done and need sending. I'm going to try to find a place that will let me e-file my state taxes. After all, that is where my actual refund is coming from. I owe the Feds again this year, but the State more than makes up for it. That tends to happen when you pay twice as much in State taxes as you actually owe throughout the year.

Want Complete Arcane. Need to download the 3.5 updates for a few other books and print them out. I've been doing incredibly short write-ups of Deities from my campaign world. Incredibly short in the Name, Alignment, Portfolio, Domains sense. I have some more detailed information on some of them elsewhere, and this is really just a first pass, but it's progress at least. I've got things planned out for long term goals for the game, but I need a few more short term goals in place to get things rolling. I hope to have a few more choices for the players in the next session. A few things they can choose to do. None of which is particularly urgent, or, at least, that seems particularly urgent at the time.

Oohhh things just clicked in brain. Must write down so I don't forget them. ^_^

And, now, it's time to do some work.

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