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Games I need to finish playing:

Mass Effect 2 (almost done with it, actually, got distracted by MMOs)
Bioshock 2 (about 1/5 of the way through it)
Final Fantasy XII (about 3/4 of the way through it)

Games I should re-start and finish this time:

Final Fantasy IX (I hate this game, but it's a FF game so I really should finish it)
Fallout 3

Games I should give a little more time to just cuz I'm a completionist:

Mass Effect (there's DLC I never completed and I need to complete at least my Renegade playthrough)
Star Ocean: The Last Hope (Haven't finished the second bonus dungeon)
Final Fantasy XIII (cuz, duh!)
Dragon Age: Origins
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I beat Final Fantasy XIII last night (read 2am). This is one of the few modern (post-Nintendo) FF games I've done in one continuous playthrough, actually. I sorta did it with VII (stopped playing for a few months, and then picked up my old save game), and I did it with X-2, but the rest took multiple times or I havent finished. FFIX is a bad game with a horrible guide, and I stopped 3/4 of the way through XII to go sidequesting and then never got back into the storyline, but my characters are uber in that one! X I finished a year after I bought it when I restarted the game.

So, in my list of FF rankings (only those I've completed), this falls somewhere between VIII and VII. If y'all care, my order (from favorite to least) is VI, X, X-2, VII, XIII, VIII, IV, and I. The ones I own but haven't completed are II, V, and IX, and of the three II and V are the only ones I like. I got nearly to the end of V, and I think I played about 30 minutes of II, but I was on game overload when I bought it. I got to the second disk of IX and went "screw that" and stopped. The only FF game I've played that was worse than that was XI, and that's an online game. And, yes, I'm counting Mystic Quest in that comparison.

Now I get to go do end-game stuff in XIII. And I might actually try to finish XII just to say that I did. :p
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So. I'm almost done with Final Fantasy XIII. Well, correction. I've almost beaten the game, but that doesn't really translate to "almost done" the way this game is set up. Either way, I have all of my part members, all of my Eidolons, and am more or less bee-lining for the "final" battle. I took a small sidequest detour, but decided to come back to that later as some battles were ticking me off.

The game is a lot of fun. I wasn't sold on the battle system at first, but it's a lot more complicated than it initially seems. Some serious strategy goes into it.

One of the big complaints people seem to have is that the game is very linear. You can't backtrack, you can't explore (until a certain point), and there aren't any towns you can go talk to people in. Really, this all makes sense in the storyline. All things considered, going backwards in this game wouldn't make any sense in the storyline. I mean, not to spoil the first hour or two of the game or anything other than the fact I totally am right now, you start out being deported for being in the wrong place at the wrong time and anyone you come in contact with will have the same fate, and then it goes downhill from there so that you're actually running AWAY from the crap that is chasing you.

Yeah, going back? Probably not such a hot idea.

Now, a more valid complaint is that the game takes it's time explaining just what the hell is going on. It's a good 15 hours before you have a pretty good handle on why the main characters are in the situation they're in, and it's probably another 5 to 10 before you REALLY have it figured out. And then the plot twists start coming in a mile a minute.

So, yeah, that's been my week and last weekend. :-p
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Well, last night we took $30 in reward zone certificates and wandered on up to Best Buy to pick up Final Fantasy XIII, which I started playing this morning as I was being nice and letting Keith finish up the contest he was working on in Forza 3.

So, yeah, I only played for 20 minutes before I had to come in to work today. :p The beginning is fun, though, so it's all good. And the TV is pretty much mine for the rest of the weekend once I get home tonight.

In other news, Keith went to Ikea yesterday and got a Malm dresser that was being discontinued that we wanted, and made up for buying it without asking me by getting an ice-cream cake on his way home. :)
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Ack. Looking at the list of voice actors for Final Fantasy XIII is making me want it even more.

Lightning (lead character) = Liara T'Soni from Mass Effect
Sazh = Frenzy from Transformers (yes, the Michael Bay one) Frenzy was awesome, so y'all can shut up about the merits of the film. :p

Add in Reimi from Star Ocean and Lulu and Zevran and, well, it's got a lot of voice actors I like. :p
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So... There's this game coming out tomorrow. But I can't decide what system to buy it for. It's so shiny... this one or that one. And definitely this one.

But I must be good and wait until Friday when I get paid. Really. And I definitely will not be looking to see which stores are opening at midnight tonight to sell it. Really.

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