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So, I'm just gonna put this out there for anyone who watched last night's episode of Glee. I didn't make it, but, really, it sorta summarizes the episode in a nutshell.

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Nov. 23rd, 2010 10:05 pm


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That was pretty good. Although I'm starting to get tired of Mary Sue, er Kurty Sue, er the writers shooting their loads all over Kurt's storyline.



That is all.
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So, the Britney/Brittany episode of GLEE aired tonight. I'll post my thoughts/review below the cut to avoid any spoilers for those who haven't seen it.

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So, season premier of GLEE was last night, and we watched it live! I'll put my thoughts behind a cut so as not to spoil anyone who missed it.

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It's amazing what waking up 20 minutes earlier does for your morning. I ate breakfast at home, made my lunch, and made it to work at a relaxed pace. Yay me! And I already went through all of my open cases, so now I'm just waiting for others to get in to work so I can go get some caffination in my body.

In some World of Warcraft news, several months ago I moved my main character off of Aggramar over to Fizzcrank to follow [personal profile] winterlady to her new home and joined up with a guild there that had been allies with us prior to WotLK when they server transfered as a whole to it (it was free, after all). Then, she stopped playing (which was good since she played way too much, and bad because IT'S HER FAULT I'M AN ADDICT), then the main guild members took their mains out and joined a different guild for raiding, and nobody was ever on when I came back after a short hiatus, so I was pondering moving my main back to Aggramar to try to join another former ally guild of ours. Then I log in last night and discover that the entire guild has moved back in and there were like 15 people on last night. :p You have been killed by a WallOfText!

Now I have a reason to log on to the Live servers some instead of just the Cataclysm Beta server. :p

In some non gaming news, I watched more of GLEE on blu-ray last night. ^_^ I really really had forgotten how good the first half of the season was. Seriously, y'all, that show is the best thing on television right now.
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Final two episodes of Glee Season 1: AWESOME! And hillarious. And tearjerking.

First episode of True Blood Season 3: AWESOME! And hillarious. And hello thar Sam/Bill dream sequence. Sequel to that dream, please?

First episode of HGTV Design Star Season 5: ... what? Really? WTF? I'm giving this another couple weeks and then I'm probably ditching this show. Vern Yip sucks as a TV show host, and now this is turning into Vern Yip's Design Star. I get it, HGTV is hurting financially or something, but y'all couldn't be bothered to put anything resembling production values into this show? Or, ya know, class? Well, other than Candace, cuz I'd watch her read the telephone book she's that awesome. And no Clive? Really, show? I loved that the judges did walk-throughs and interact more with the contestants and that they started with the white-box challenge, but beyond that this really really sucked.

Since this clearly has me wanting to be chatty, let's recap the series as a whole, shall we?

  • Season 1 had the "new show" vibe, and we got a really awesome designer out of it with his own show (David Bromstadt is now on to a new version of his show on HGTV, which makes me happy. I should probably watch that).

  • Season 2 refined the formula of Season 1 and was probably the best season they had, and we got yet another awesome designer out of it (Kim Myles, and her show is fun!).

  • Season 3 was another great year, until a gay porn controversy put a huge ol' black mark on the show and kept one of the designers out of the finale reunion and the awesome designer who won (Jennifer Bertrand) then got the crap treatment from the studio and her show was quietly not-launched and then apparently cancelled before anyone actually got to know it was there.

  • Season 4 was a giant cluster with Tashika's classless send-off (she should have been gone earlier, but Vern was a total dick about her send-off) and it was apparently decided that America had no business choosing the winner that wasn't going to appeal to the straight male demographic or edgy female demographic that HGTV is clearly deisgned for and thus we got a winner that nobody I know has any interest in watching on television and clearly the people would have picked the runner up as evidenced by the reaction of the internet.

So, yeah, that word.
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So, I already posted this on Twitter/Facebook, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to share it here, too.

Joss Whedon is going to be directing one of the back 9 episodes of GLEE this season.


And, of course, Joss himself puts his own two cents in.

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