Nov. 26th, 2009 09:39 pm

Food Coma

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I ate way too much turkey tonight. And way too much stuffing. And there was sausage in the stuffing. And way too much mashed potatoes. And way too much gravy over ALL OF THAT. I did have some corn and a piece of steamed brocolli, so that makes it all healthy, right???
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Yesterday was a nice day off for me. They're pretty rare, so I definitely enjoy them when they happen! Of course, it being Thanksgiving here in the US means that I didn't really have the day to myself, but that's all good.

I called home in the early afternoon. Surprisingly, my Mom (aunt) was actually home! Normally they go up north to visit my uncle's Mom, but since my Mom (aunt) had been sick the week before they stayed home. So her oldest son came over with his wife and kids and they made Thanksgiving dinner and we chatted for a bit.

Later, [ profile] satyr_mi and I went to his sister's place to have dinner with her family and her in-laws. It was a very good dinner, too! Had too much turkey and mashed potatoes and gooey butter pumpkin cake. Played Mario Kart on the DS with [ profile] satyr_mi's brother in law and proceeded to kick his ass as the Shy-Guy versus his Yoshi. Did I mention I haven't played any Mario Kart games since the first one? Heh.

And noiw, today, I am stuck at work (due to my wierd work schedule and it being a holiday week), and have been very productive and will not be able to be quite so productive once 10:30 hits and we're no longer allowed to call stores. Heh. Crazyness.

I shocked people on Wednesday, too. I logged in to WoW to play with my salt-shaker. :-p Such confusion was had by [ profile] winterlady and other guildies. I would have gone to do some grinding, but I was just letting [ profile] satyr_mi have to TV to watch Jericho for an hour before going back to Final Fantasy XII.

Speaking of, my main party is all level 35 right now in that game. And I have three Espers, including one of the optional hidden Espers. Espers are fun to summon, but not very practical in use. Especially because of the way the XP system in the game works. And I can get more damage out of a Quickening Chain against bosses than I could with an Esper summoned. It's time to continue the storyline in the game now, though, since I need to wait a bit before I can continue with the various Hunts I have and the side quests. I could work on a couple side-quests, and if I was really bored I could go get the Zodiac Spear, but I want more story.

Anyrate, enough babbling. I have work to do, so back to work I go!

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