Jul. 31st, 2012 10:57 am

New era

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Well, we are officially moved out of Westbrook apartments. Turned in the keys yesterday. Lots of unpacking needs to be done at the new place. Hopefully the stress level starts to go down soon. Lots of conversations have to happen before that I suspect though.

I'd post more but my brain is mush and I have crap to do before going to work today. :-p
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My paid LiveJournal account actually expired. And for the first time since I started paying for it I'm pretty much not going to renew it.



We got keys to our new apartment yesterday. The initial wander around found a few minor issues (stained cabinets, a carpet stain or two, a closet door pull that won't stay on), a couple moderate problems (drywall tape bubbling behind the sink, a random light switch which controls nothing, a fire alarm which won't shut up but doesn't seem to have a place for a battery), and some big issues (wobbly ceiling fans, kamikazee fan cover on the microwave, possible mold in the storage area off the patio).

That kamikazee fan cover is hillarious, by the way. We were testing the kitchen appliances and we were like, "Oh there's only one light setting on it. Fan says Hi and Low so let's just push... OH MY GOD NOT THE FACE!". Heh. The clips that should hold it in place are all broken off. Not really a good thing. Heh.

We have our next car load boxed up and ready to load tonight when I get home from work. Things are going to escalate pretty rapidly on the Getting Shit Done scale. After that second load was boxed up we realized it's not as bad as we are scared it is. But it's still not as good as we want it to be. Heh.

Big move happens the weekend of July 20th. :) I is excited!
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I know it's been a while since I posted. Again.

This coming Wednesday I get keys to my new apartment.

Getting cable and internet ordered. They are stupid fast on shipping the necessary items so I don't want to place the order too far before we get keys cuz of that. Our Future Roommate™ is moving electric and gas to the new place in his name. I'm doing cable and internet thanks to the discounty goodness of bundles.

Already called to cancel my home phone line. It ends on the 25th of this month. Going to schedule my cable/internet disconnect here. I would schedule the gas disconnect but it's too soon before the end of our lease for me to do that still. Have to find out what we need to do to schedule the electric disconnect, but that can wait.

I've transferred almost all of my accounts off of my soon to be former email address. I have to help Keith do his now. And the packing/cleaning bonanza has begun. We keep saying it's not as much as we think it is. It's still more than we really want it to be.

This is the last weekend I will be spending in this apartment. All the rest will be in Lansing for the move. Bittersweet. Long time readers may remember that I started my livejournal just before moving into this apartment complex. Massive life changes were in progress then, some of which got undone, some of which did not. This is definitely a happier move than that was. At least for me.

Well, time to pack some more and clean some more and get ready for work some more.
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2011 is not getting off to a good start.

Work had a bad holiday, leading to start of month stress.

Grandma's health took a turn for the worse immediately after my vacation, leading to more stress.

Knew that layoff's were coming, it was just a matter of when exactly. Add more stress.

Layoff's happened while I was at home on a vacation day. Feel free to do the math.

Grandma died that following weekend.

And I am now sick as a dog.

Hi, 2011? Get back in your box, you're not ready yet.
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Y'all, this was my evening. And [profile] cmpriest recognized me. Yes, I had a flustered fanboy moment, but managed to not make a fool of myself. And I probably should have explained that my username is read "Jdot M.I.", but I was having an internal "HOLYSHITSHERECOGNIZEDME™" moment.

Oh, and [profile] cmpriest completely reminds me of [personal profile] brigittefires. Er, without the, uh, well if you know her you know what the without would be. :p Cuz I can't find a way of typing it without it sounding even wronger than it should sound. :p
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Got my new glasses today!

And then spent $300 on my new contacts. :p
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So, if you didn't notice, I was trying to post every day this month on LiveJournal. Obviously didn't happen this weekend. It's okay, I'll live, but hey. LiveJournal is becoming a bit of a ghost town lately anyway.

So, this weekend we had a Birthday dinner at Keith's sister's place. We had to pick up his niece on the way there. That was kinda hillarious and amusing. We got iTunes gift cards and Keith got a Moshi, which actually arrived at our place on Monday. I also finally read Dead in the Family, the latest Sookie Stackhouse novel. And showed off the Cataclysm beta to a friend who wanted to see it.

Oh, and in a SIGN OF THE APOCALYPSE moment, I cleaned my room and bathroom. No, seriously, they're clean clean. I can see my desk. And my floor. And stuff has been put away. Seriously, y'all, the end times are upon us.
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It's amazing what waking up 20 minutes earlier does for your morning. I ate breakfast at home, made my lunch, and made it to work at a relaxed pace. Yay me! And I already went through all of my open cases, so now I'm just waiting for others to get in to work so I can go get some caffination in my body.

In some World of Warcraft news, several months ago I moved my main character off of Aggramar over to Fizzcrank to follow [personal profile] winterlady to her new home and joined up with a guild there that had been allies with us prior to WotLK when they server transfered as a whole to it (it was free, after all). Then, she stopped playing (which was good since she played way too much, and bad because IT'S HER FAULT I'M AN ADDICT), then the main guild members took their mains out and joined a different guild for raiding, and nobody was ever on when I came back after a short hiatus, so I was pondering moving my main back to Aggramar to try to join another former ally guild of ours. Then I log in last night and discover that the entire guild has moved back in and there were like 15 people on last night. :p You have been killed by a WallOfText!

Now I have a reason to log on to the Live servers some instead of just the Cataclysm Beta server. :p

In some non gaming news, I watched more of GLEE on blu-ray last night. ^_^ I really really had forgotten how good the first half of the season was. Seriously, y'all, that show is the best thing on television right now.
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New toy to play with. Glad to see they don't have the "Friends" fubar. They call it a "Reading Page" by default! And I can read someone without giving them access to my protected posts.

I'm crossposting to LJ, because honestly, there's nothing I have on LJ that I would care if the public knows about. Seriously. It's not a big deal. It's just that the people running LJ are morons at the moment.

Paid accounts are expensive here, though, so I'll have to think about that one for a bit.

In less exciting news, I woke up at 5:10 this morning. I have to be out the door no later than 5:30. Guess who hasn't had breakfast yet? x_x
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Got up somewhat early this morning. Mainly because I was freezing. Heh. left the windows all open last night and it was below 60 in the apartment. Cleared some crap off of the DVR, changed the cat boxes (and the kittehs rejoiced), went to the rec room to abuse the treadmill. Wait, what? Yes, I really did just write that. I didn't abuse it for very long, but I did have a go on the treadmill today.

Beyond that, did some minor cleanup in the common areas. We so need to replace our vacuum. It's dying big time. Beyond that, haven't done much.

Oh. I played some Star Trek Online. It's not to bad of a game. It could be better, but it's not too bad.

Now, I go feed my FarmVille addiction. Send help. x_x
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So, with my current work schedule I have to leave no later than 5:30 to get to work on time. My alarm is set for 4:30 and I'm normally out of bed just before 5. Plenty of time to shower, make breakfast, put my lunch together, and walk out the door. This morning I actually woke up around 3:30 thinking I had to check the time to make sure I got up on time. Realized the time and rolled over and went back to sleep. After a smattering of fucked up dreams I looked at the clock again.



So I jump out of bed, shower really quickly, throw my lunch together and get out the door on time. Actually made it in to work early, even! I am somewhat amused. The complete lack of traffic out there kinda helped with that, though. Holiday weekend and all that.

Yesterday, the higher ups at work decided they would be closing the home office at 1:00pm today and give everyone a paid half day off! Of course, essential personnel who had to stick around would, well, have to stick around, but they'd still get that free half day off before the end of the year. Guess what I'm considered? :-p Yeah. So stuck here.
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So, last night after work I went over to [livejournal.com profile] satyr_mi's sister's place and had a very quick dinner (they already had pizza there). Then we went to the Michigan Theater in Ann Arbor to see the Goo Goo Dolls in concert! Concert was great (my ears stopped ringing about an hour after the concert), but the seats in that theater were definitely not made for fat boys. X_X

I can feel my legs again. This is a good thing.
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So, apparently everyone in my apartment decided to get strep throat. No, really. All of us have it. It's great, really! But I have antibiotics now, so things are starting to look up.
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  • I must forsake all games except City of Heroes. It is Double XP. And I have access to Dual Pistols.

    • As an addendum to the above, I must make room on Virtue for new toons. Cuz I think I need Blaster for this set. And I will need a space for future Demon Summoning goodness.

  • I must find out if we can go visit some friends for cheesy B-movie grade horror flicks. But we may have other plans already for Saturday, so that may get nixed. :(

Okay, so it's a really short list, I just felt like using HTML to relax myself after a busy morning. :-p
Feb. 5th, 2010 08:42 am


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Tax refunds? Posted! Check for the back bills the roomie owes us? Depositing it tonight!

Shiny new computer ordered? Oh yes. Granted, they say it won't be done until MARCH, but it's ordered. And I'm hoping that it's done faster.

I'd post the specs, but I left them at home.
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So, [livejournal.com profile] satyr_mi decided I needed to step away from my Sims long enough to make cheesecake cookies tonight. I decided to make them chocolate cheesecake cookies. Time will tell if it was a success or not! Well, actually, tomorrow morning will tell.

In other news, Kitties are very happy that I bought them more food, seeing as how we were totally out of dry food. William was so happy that he ate too much and upchucked yet again. Stupid cat. :-p
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Supposedly the roads were really bad this evening for driving on. I did not find this to be a problem. We took back roads to get home, but they weren't bad. We did see a traffic backup at one road, but not in a direction we had to travel. The highway did look pretty heavily congested, but it looked to me moving slowly.

Ah well. Took a little longer to get home, but didn't have to try to keep up with morons on the highway. Can't complain much about that.

In less happy news, the new downloadable content for Dragon Age that was supposed to come out today has been delayed. This does not make me happy.
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Dinner tonight is sausage, peppers, and onions crack-pasta. It is very very tasty.

In less happy news, today's drive in to work sucked. Let me restate what I said on twitter/facebook: "So, apparently Mother Nature was all "HAHAHA, SNOW BITCHES!" on us this morning. It was like ice-capades on the highway. With retards. -_-"

Yeah. That wasn't fun. Left here at around 7:05 or 7:10. Got to work at 7:45. It's normally a 25 minute drive. Add to that today at work was all about catching up with stuff that couldn't happen last friday because of the holiday, and yeah. We had a good time. Really.

Well, off to visit with my Simsies. And maybe make a new neighborhood.
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After the complete lack of a decent night's sleep the night before last, last night's lil coma was awesome. The fucked up dreams involving a pseudo-Resident Evil style science facility/mansion, my friend Steve, rabid dogs, and the cast of Glee I coulda done without. I mean, really, why would Kurt go all mad scientist on us?


Got most of my grocery shopping done of the week. We have to hit Meijer on the way home from work tomorrow to pick up some things that we don't buy at Costco, but nothing really dire. I think I shall spend some more time with my Sims now.
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After getting out of work yesterday, I went to join [livejournal.com profile] satyr_mi at our friend's place where we partook in a new hottub, which was nice but it was way too cold out, and had a weird (but good) fake chicken (vegetarian) dinner. We also watche District 9, which was awesome (but not while eating) and one of the Futurama movies. "Bender's Big Game" I believe was the name. Either way, hillarious movie and well worth watching again. We wound up staying out way too late, so when we got home I had the munchies, which I took care of, and then promptly passed out (around 2am) until the kitties decided it was time for me to feed them at 7am. I was not amused.

In other news, my computer is dying a slow, apparently commonplace, death. It doesn't like turning on unless I disconnect everything, pop out the CMOS batter, and beat it with a dead chicken a few times. Apparently the symptom (yellow flashing power light) can mean the CMOS battery is going, the power supply is going, or the motherboard is going. Gotta love highly specific symptoms like that, eh? Well, when we get our taxes completed we'll use the money that doesn't pay off my old dell bill to buy me a new computer methinks.

Well, back to destroying the lives of Sims now.

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