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So, if you didn't notice, I was trying to post every day this month on LiveJournal. Obviously didn't happen this weekend. It's okay, I'll live, but hey. LiveJournal is becoming a bit of a ghost town lately anyway.

So, this weekend we had a Birthday dinner at Keith's sister's place. We had to pick up his niece on the way there. That was kinda hillarious and amusing. We got iTunes gift cards and Keith got a Moshi, which actually arrived at our place on Monday. I also finally read Dead in the Family, the latest Sookie Stackhouse novel. And showed off the Cataclysm beta to a friend who wanted to see it.

Oh, and in a SIGN OF THE APOCALYPSE moment, I cleaned my room and bathroom. No, seriously, they're clean clean. I can see my desk. And my floor. And stuff has been put away. Seriously, y'all, the end times are upon us.
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I have this very very bad LJ habit.

I look at guy's LJ icons (particularly self portraits) in community posts and on my friendsfriends page and say to myself "Yep, he's gay!"

What makes this a bad LJ habit, you ask?

I'm. Never. Wrong.

I have LJ-dar!
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The time is wrong on this PC. And it won't let me change it. So, I get to manually change it. Joy.

So, I suppose this shall be my true "introductory post" on my brand spankin new livejournal.


Does anybody else hear the chirping of crickets in the background?

So, HELLO TO ALL OF YOU. I bet I gave you a link here, didn't I? Go ahead, prove me wrong. And, yes, giving the link to Bitsy counts as giving the link to you, Pixie.

So, like, I'd write a long introductory blurb and gush and whatnot, but y'all should be able to follow the link to my webpage to find out more than you would ever care to know about me.

Oh, I also have a forum on EZboard where my recent rants live. Not much else lives there. I don't even live there. I just stop by now and then to clean off the foot or so of dust that pops up. I suppose I should give you a link.

Oh, I have added two friends too. Scyllz and KageNeko. They be fellow Wallers and really cool people. Plus, well, she ran over his head with her car once (well, her exes car, but still). There's pictures and everything.

Sheesh, more edits. Added Amanda too. More Wall for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
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Ok, so not all my friends are doing it, but a few. And they're cool, so why not.


That word.

I feel like such a lemming.


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