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So, if you didn't notice, I was trying to post every day this month on LiveJournal. Obviously didn't happen this weekend. It's okay, I'll live, but hey. LiveJournal is becoming a bit of a ghost town lately anyway.

So, this weekend we had a Birthday dinner at Keith's sister's place. We had to pick up his niece on the way there. That was kinda hillarious and amusing. We got iTunes gift cards and Keith got a Moshi, which actually arrived at our place on Monday. I also finally read Dead in the Family, the latest Sookie Stackhouse novel. And showed off the Cataclysm beta to a friend who wanted to see it.

Oh, and in a SIGN OF THE APOCALYPSE moment, I cleaned my room and bathroom. No, seriously, they're clean clean. I can see my desk. And my floor. And stuff has been put away. Seriously, y'all, the end times are upon us.
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Apparently me talking about thinking about making pizza sauce at some point turned into me making pizza tonight. Not that I'm complaining, really. Made a chicken and spinach pizza. And, yes, I did make my own sauce. We had crushed tomatoes just sitting in the cupboard waiting for someone to use them, so I did!

It was very good pizza. It was also very filling. Top that off with the 5 hours of sleep I got if I'm lucky and I'm in food coma land already. Have been for the past hour, actually, but forcing myself to stay awake a bit longer.

And now, back to reading. I'm re-re-re-re-re-reading the Sookie Stackhouse novels. Cuz, ya know, I haven't read them five fucking times already.
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Oops! I almost forgot to post!

Um. Not much to say really. Spent more time in WoW tonight. Got my newbie Death Knight out of her starting zone and started working on her Blacksmithing prowess. Also did the Human Newbie quests while I was at it. Started reading Interview with the Vampire again. Still haven't watched last weekend's True Blood.

Looking forward to a three day weekend now.
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Oh hey, look at that, I've still got a LiveJournal!

Sorry, y'all. Twitter and Facebook ate my brain.

And I'd have a really cool and informative update, but I'm at work and I'm busy and I have a new boss starting tomorrow so I gotta get shit done.

WoW and CoH also ate my brain. CoH will eat it more once Issue 16 goes into open beta. Or I get into closed. Whichever comes first.

Also? True Blood and Dollhouse. Did I mention I've read the entire Sookie Stackhouse series of novels three times now? Two of which were in a row? I'm now lending the books to a co-worker of Keith's so that I don't read them all again.

And now, I track food! I'm trying to cut down on what I'm eating. To say I've been eating a bit too much lately is a bit of an understatement.

Cut cuz you really don't care. )
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Eagerly awaiting the new season of True Blood. Got season 1 (twice, first copy had two disk 5's and no disk 3's) and have been enjoying it far too much. Especially with enhanced viewing. Also been re-reading the first four books. Need to get the rest since they are introducing characters in season 2 that don't appear in the books until book 5 and later.

Been watching a lot of Dollhouse on iTunes. Probably more than is healthy. I even made a small number of icons from "Man on the Street". Because, ya know, I post oh so much...

Been playing City of Heroes and Civilization IV: Colonization and World of Warcraft. It's really hard to stay in one game for longer than 30 minutes at a time right now, though. -_- My ability to focus has gone pfffffzt!

Netflix is evil. In a good way. The Golden Compass was a good movie and they need to make the sequel now. Currently getting disks of Birds of Prey, which was cheesy and somewhat over the top but was still a pretty decent show.

Just finished a huge project at work and am now waiting to launch said project and train people on it. Time to get back to work
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We watched Pushing Daisies last night. Still the best show on TV. And it had a Halloween theme! Well, Halloween and horse racing. o_O One of the guest starts played Geroge's grandmother on Dead Like Me, and I recognized her. So that was pretty cool. And I thought I had the mystery pegged within the first 15 minutes, but there was a twist I wasn't expecting, but I did figure it out before the reveal, at least. I do actually have one complaint about the episode. They did some weird things that were somewhat obvious with perspective in order to make one character look much taller. Unfortunately, because the scenes also included Kristen Chenoweth, who is quite short in reality, it was really obvious what they had done to trick the eye.

I did play a bit of City of Villains last night. Got my dominator to 9. Now to get him to 10 so he can found a Villain Group. He's not easy to solo with, due to a significant lack of burst damage right now, but he's Fire/Fire and is (eventually) going to be very very scary. Did some Trick or Treating as well. Have until Sunday to finish that up. Guess I'm doing trick-or-treat marathons this weekend.

That's all I've got for now. OH! I started reading the expanded version of Four and Twenty Blackbirds by [livejournal.com profile] cmpriest last night. I have both editions of the book and have read the original, but not this version. Even though I've owned it for, um, two years. Heh. My original edition is signed and all that jazz. Now I just need to pick up the two sequels to the book.
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[livejournal.com profile] satyr_mi is okay. I forced him to do the day of rest thing yesterday, and by evening he was much better. Hopefully he won't do any heavy lifting today or I may have to strangle him.

[livejournal.com profile] carebear_flare left his copy of HP7 at the apartment while he was at work, so I read half the book during the torrential downpour when I couldn't move anything out of the old apartment. I did, however, get a few things moved over and a bunch of crap out of my old room.

Back to work today, and my cell phone isn't working until next friday.

Phone moves tomorrow.

Cable has shipped, rest is still in processing.
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I made the comment to a friend of mine the other day that I haven't read a "new" book since the last Harry Potter book came out. And by "new" I mean "new to me". I mean, yeah, I re-read Timothy Zahn's Star Wars trilogy (well, the first one if he's written more than one), but I've owned that series since I was in High School. So, this is where the Audience Participation comes in.

Recommend a book that you think I would like. I'll toss out a few that I have read and enjoyed.

Murder for Beltene by Sandra Brewer. This is a fun book. It is self-described as "A mystery with fantasy lingerie". This is a relatively accurate description. There really are two mysteries in the book. One is the mystery of a dead body found in the woods, which is further complicated by how it could have possibly gotten into those specific woods. The second is the mystery of the Beltene family in general. Unlike a lot of books, where the "mythology" of the book is laid out in drab exposition at the beginning of the tale, the history of the family (and the fantasy lingerie) is presented to us during the actual narrative. The writing is very conversational and the world feels lived in. It's not the best mystery in the world (the big reveal was a big WTF moment for me, followed immediately by an "oh shit I missed all the clues" which I noticed upon second reading), and it's not High Fantasy. It's our world, with just the right bit of the fantastic thrown in.

Four and Twenty Blackbirds by Cherie Priest. I have a slightly unfortunate confession to make. I have not read the latest edition of this yet, and it's next on my actual reading list. I have two editions of this. One is the original MadPirate edition, which is signed. The second is the new, expanded edition and is unsigned. The first words of description I could find after reading the original was, "This is what early Anne Rice books would have read like if it didn't take her 20 pages to describe the moss on the trees! All of the vivid imagery without bogging you down." I'd say more, but the reviews on the page will do a much better job than I could.

I like the earlier books in Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles and a couple of the later ones. Pandora was really good (technically not part of that series) and Merrick (which was several shades of awesome) made me wish I could have actually sat through the first book of the Mayfair Witches series, but I just couldn't make it through. I enjoyed the original V.C. Andrews books. You know, the ones before the © happened and it became an OLD MAN writing them. My Sweet Audrina was an excellent book, and one that I continue to enjoy reading when I manage to find it. I am a superhero fan, so feel free to recommend some graphic novels, but those are really really fast reads for me.

So now it's your turn. Give me some ideas!
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I've been reading the new Supergirl series. Just got issue 3. They sure are taking their time releasing them. :-p Looked at the solicits for future issues. Interesting to note that issue 8 is Post-Infinite Crisis already. Should be interesting. Speaking of, I picked up issue 2 of Infinite Crisis. I should probably try to find issue 1 now. :-p Basically, the book was a whole lotta backstory telling us everything we already knew about Power Girl but she didn't remember herself. Well, until she got all touchy feely with Lois and morphed into Hillary Clinton for a panel. o_o Seriously, she aged like 25 years in that one panel. It was CREEPY! Then she shoved her boobs into Superman's crotch. That was even creepier.

I also picked up Four and Twenty Blackbirds by [livejournal.com profile] wicked_wish. I have a signed "original" copy from the mad pirate days, but this is the more authentic deal now. Just gotta pry myself away from Smallville and Civ IV long enough to finish reading it!
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Aside from one odd missed day, I have posted on the same days every week this month. The lil calendar guy at the side of my screen looks all organized and shit. One would think I'd planned that. In actuality, I'm just boring and have nothing interesting to post ever. :-p

I finished reading "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" this afternoon. Trying to do math in my head now, which is a bad thing. Let's see. I bought it on Tuesday and read it for about 15 minutes. Read for 15 minutes before going to work on Wednesday. Read for 30 minutes during my lunch break at work on Wednesday. Read for about two or three hours on Wednesday night. Read for three or four hours on Thursday night. Didn't read it at all in the morning or at lunch on Thursday, though. Then I finished it on Friday. I think I read it for five or six hours on Friday. So, between 11 and 14 hours to read the entire thing for me. For comparison, I read "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" over three days, but I can't remember the exact time frame or spread for that.

Haven't really done anything in COH since Thursday's tackling of the Envoy of Shadows. Hidden Justice is 33. Played around a little bit on Test on Friday with my Sonic/Energy blaster and my Sonic/Sonic defender, but that was because I needed a break in reading Harry Potter.

I'm incredibly tired. I did sleep before work for about two and a half hours, but I was having fucked up dreams during it. Not very restful sleep. Fortunately, I have my dinner with me (stopped at Meijer on the way in) and am ready to just shut out the world and do my work and go have a coma in the morning.

Anyrate, back to reading some stuff online.
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Got Hidden Justice up to 33 last night. Killed the Envoy of Shadows twice. Same mission, different mission holders. Have the same task tonight, hopefully. The final mission in the Envoy arc, anyway. I wouldn't mind doing Manticore again, but that would have to wait until at least Friday, since I don't want to be up until 2 am doing it, and I don't want to have it abandoned midway through.

Need to go buy enhancements for Fulcrum Shift (another accuracy [so don't want this one to ever miss] and a recharge reduction [give me more!!!!]) and Transference (an endurance drain) since that's where my slots went. I had over 1 million influence when I logged in last night, but I updated all of my core enhancements up to 35's. The only ones not touched were Brawl, Sprint, Rest, Swift, and Health. :-p Cuz, ya know, those powers are so useful.

I'm probably going to clear out the three missions she's got on hold when I get online tonight. Picked them up at 33, soloed part one of one of the missions at 32, and can probably clear the rest without even blinking tonight. It's just a matter of if I can do it before 8:30 when the group should be forming for the Envoy clearing. Maybe I'll bump my difficulty up to Invincible and have [livejournal.com profile] satyr_mi help me. Well, provided he's home from the Art Fair by then, which he probably won't be, since he'll be at his sister's house, so I'll probably just do it on Heroic. :-p

I'm a third of the way through HBP. I read for about two and a half hours last night. I started reading the next chapter, but decided I was too tired, so I stopped and went to bed. Of course, I still didn't want to get out of bed at 7:30 this morning (I'm normally up at 7), so that was fun.
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Played some City of Heroes last night. Was going to help someone defeat the Envoy of Shadows, but got stuck in a group doing the Manticore Task Force. Got Hidden Justice up to 32 (almost to 33) and picked up Fulcrum Shift. Oh. My. God. Nothing beats nailing FS in the middle of a huge horde of villains and watching the buff bar for the teammates in the middle stretch the entire length of the screen. The most I got in one shot was something around 10 to 12 buffs on one character from it, so I don't see the upcoming nerf obliterating it too much. Although, the main key for it is the debuff which it'll be interesting to see how that plays out with the limits. As it stands, HJ will just need 8 of the buffs on her to cap her damage as I am three slotting all of her attacks, possibly four slotting if I decide to not pick up Hasten.

Picked up Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince last night as well. Read four chapters so far in about 40 minutes to an hours worth of reading time. I like it. Of course, it won't keep me from my COH fix tonight, but still.

Anyrate, busy now. Back to work.
Jul. 17th, 2005 04:21 pm

Damn it.

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I knew I shoulda just pre-ordered the fucker.

Having already read spoilers on it, I have a complete and utter need to read it right the fuck now!
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My condolences to my fellow and former co-workers who are stuck at work tonight fending off the frenzied mass of customers who are trying to rip copies of this book from the cold dead hands of the people they had to kill to get into the stores tonight.


Oh, wait, changed my mind. I work til 8 am, after all. Y'all can suffer for a bit. :-p
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Retail Therapy:
This weekend was/is employee appreciation weekend for us Borders type people. So, [livejournal.com profile] satyr_mi and I went to Borders on Friday and partook in a lil retail therapy. He bought seasons 2 and 3 of Wonder Woman, a Star Trek book and a couple CDs. I bought the D20 Modern Menace Manual, Weapons Locker, D20 Past and D20 Apocalypse. On Saturday we went to Borders Express in Briarwood and picked up another book for him and Complete Adventurer and Complete Arcane for me.

Of course, we only went to the mall because one of the pads on my glasses snapped and I had to get it repaired. Got two new pads and a nice comfy fit out of it. For free. I really should make an appointment to get new glasses, though. These are two years old now.

City of Heroes:
Got Hidden Justice's third costume completed. You can take a look at other pictures of it over at my scrapbook page. Gotta love the benefits of a paid account for that one. I also added some pictures of Countess Crey (after she kicked Kung Ru's ass), a picture of Hidden Justice's battle against Maestro, and some really cool looking shots of a Fake Nemesis.

Made a new Defender on Triumph. I think I named her Seraph's Shadow, but I can't remember. Got her up to level 2, and then proceeded to not level her up because I'm not sure what I want to take. o_O It's sad that I think these things out so much. Also played Tiny Tina a little on Triumph. Did a few missions as Kung Ru on Pinnacle. Remade Jared Infinity as an Energy/Energy Blaster on Virtue. Pretty much just messed around for the most part.

Started to re-read the Harry Potter series. Need to be ready when the next one comes out, even though I won't be buying it for at least a week.

Working on Season 3 at the moment. Just finished up Gingerbread. Well, actually, I fast forwarded through it and watched a few interesting scenes that didn't make me want to turn it off and do something else. I don't really like watching that episode much. It's no Inca Mummy Girl, but it has it's share of badness.

Buying all those D&D and D20 books is making me want to play again. Maybe run a game, but I'm not good at running games so much. Although, now I have more ways to make characters for various systems, so it could be interesting to just make characters again. I do need to pick up D20 Future to take full advantage of some of the books, but that may be easier said than done. None of the local Borders had it. May have to actually *mock shudder* order it online. :-p

I should see if any new Buffy RPG books have come out. They take forever... There should be something by now... I got everything up to The Magic Box, or Slayer's Handbook or something like that...

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