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Ugh. So, you may recall from my previous post (which was ages ago), that my allergies went haywire early this week.

By Wednesday it had morphed into full blow laryngitis. I left work early (at lunch time) because I couldn't get more than three sentences out without my voice cracking and sound ceasing to come out. Thursday I didn't even bother going in to work, and didn't have really any voice at all until about 8:00 PM. Friday was better, but not 100%. We had the Shadowrun group over this weekend and gamed yesterday, and my voice was okay fo rthat. I'm not 100% yet, but my voice is at least useable right now.

So, now I sit here, with something of a voice, allergies finally having calmed down, and not being able to use my living room until people wake up. :-p Ah well. I've become a *shudder* morning person. I'll live. ;)

Still groggy, so going to go veg out now.
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Remember the incident of projectile vomiting I mentioned on Friday?

Turns out there were bunches of us here that had it. They even sent out an email telling everyone to contact someone to let them know since they thought they knew who everyone was at this point.

I am highly amused.
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oh man. Could someone just remove my entire digestive tract, right now? I'd greatly appreciate it!

We were doing "Summer Sweep" in the office yesterday, also known as "Get rid of all the free shit you've accumulated but are never going to take home" day. Part of having this event involved the cafeteria giving out free lunches. Apparently, the hamburger I had did NOT agree with me in any way, shape, or form. I was okay for a few hours after eating, then I noticed I was still tasting the burger on my breath about four hours later. Didn't think anything of it, came home, had some dinner (lasagna).

Then my stomach sprang into action.

It had apparently been waiting for me to add something that actually cost me money to it before turning into a writhing, cramping mass of WTF on me. I had some water and then went and laid down. By around 9:00, I was in severe pain, and [livejournal.com profile] satyr_mi opted to go to the store to get me some Pepto as we were all out. He came home with it, I was barely lucid. I did manage to think of going into the bathroom before taking it. See, Pepto and I have this weird relationship. It'll be all nice and normal to me if I just have a bit of indigestion. Anything beyond that?

TMI below... )

After all that, I tried to sleep. I took some more pepto, drank lots of water, had half a slice of bread, and proceeded to sleep fitfully all night, getting up every two hours or so to go to the bathroom. I had a slice of bread when I got up this morning and I've had a ton of water. And some Tums. I'm just freaking exhausted because I have had virtually no sleep.

Well, enough of that. I'm off to see how long I can sit in front of a computer before I pass out this morning.

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