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Last week's episode of Smallville is made of FAIL. Hi, Blue? I'd like to introduce you to an episode titled Memoria. You two need to get to know one another really really well.

On the plus side, Jor-El did state the obvious and is apparently giving a metaphorical spanking to Clark. Basically it was "Yo, Clark, you're a royal fuck-up who won't listen YET AGAIN." I wish they had let Lara or Kara give at least some of a smackdown to Zor-El. Ah well.

Now I go play City of Villains.
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I slept like a log last night, but I'm still really freaking tired today.

Issue 11 is now open on the Test server for City of Heroes/Villains. I made a Dual Blades/Willpower Stalker to test with. Definitely going to make one for real when it goes live. Didn't get to play it much because I'm still recovering from the weekend. Heh. So is [livejournal.com profile] satyr_mi. We both want to nap for like a week or something. :-p Anyrate, I'm like the new sets. If it weren't for the Halloween event going on right now I'd test it more, but I need to collect some costume salvage. Especially Villainside if we wind up leaving The Cadre of Doom and Cookies and forming our own Villain Group.

New Heroes last night. Not sure if we'll watch it tonight or tomorrow. I still need to watch last week's meta episode of Smallville. I mean, come on, an episode about shooting a comic book movie at the farm and the rabid online fans who are like "OMG YOU CHANGED THINGS FROM THE BOOK!!!" and all the other fandom people who are like "What are you, new?" Cuz, ya know, internet fans never have anything to snark about at length with that show or anything. On the plus side, all signs point to it actually being a decent episode to watch.

Anyrate, work to do. Must hop to it.
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This is me making a pseudo-fluff post so that I don't miss a day this month. :-p

Watched Smallville tonight. It wasn't bad, but there are parts that really just sorta dragged out.

My roomates need to quit fighting before I smack them both with kittens.

Dinner tonight tasted really good. Except now I have pot-pie afteraste, and it wasn't even pot-pie. o_O

I'm way too tired to still be awake.

Keeping my fingers crossed as [livejournal.com profile] carebear_flare has more interviews for potential permanent jobs on Monday.

It's finally cooling down enough that we may actually use the heat that I had to stay home for a day this week to make sure got turned on. :-p

My stomach is growling. I'm not even remotely hungry, so I don't know what it's problem is.

Psychademica, my Mind/Empathy Controller on Virtue, needs to have pictures taken and posted. I really like her costume and backstory. It's got just enough cheese and glitter.

I'm gonna go play City of Heroes now.
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Pushing Daisies continues to be the best new show we have on our Tivo. Seriously. It's funny, it's dark, it's light, it's fast paced, it's emotional, it's smart. It's Dead Like Me on crack! If you are not watching this show you are seriously missing out.

We're quite astounded with how much we have on Tivo that we don't want to part with. We've never had this many shows, especially this many shows we want to watch together, in a single season. Pushing Daisies, Bionic Woman, Reaper, Chuck, and Heroes. Five hours of television per week that isn't on HGTV that we watch together. Add to that my show (Smallville) and [livejournal.com profile] satyr_mi's shows (Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, and Dirty Sexy Money) and you have a gigantoid segment of our lil 40 hour Tivo that is accounted for. Plus, [livejournal.com profile] carebear_flare likes to watch a few of these shows with us, too. It's psychotic!!

The problem is... we don't have a dual tuner. We need one badly. That way we can get Ugly Betty added to our list as opposed to having to wait for it on DVD or on marathons over the weekends. And we can also get Bionic Woman and Private Practice at the same time. Wednesday nights are particularly brutal for us. There aren't many shows on that we don't want to watch on Wednesday.

On a less TV related note, I paid the remainder of my rent yesterday, which only came out to around $8 somehow. I'm not complaining, but it means we've been overpaying somehow. We need to get that sorted out before next month's rent payment so we don't have it happen again. To celebrate being less broke than we thought, we all went out and partook of the Neverending Pasta Bowl at Olive Garden and we all proceeded to eat way too much food. A quick, and pricy, Meijer run followed, a drive home, some tv watching and sleep, and I'm still not hungry yet. Seriously!

I'm really excited about [livejournal.com profile] carebear_flare's new job at the Cage, and I'm hoping he can maneuver it into a permanent position. He even got a call from Borders for an interview in the AP department! When it rains it pours, I guess!

Well, I'm gonna go play something. Either Civ IV (which just got patched) or Sims 2 (which I haven't yet patched) or Blue Dragon (which I downloaded the Hard Mod aka New Game + for) or City of Villains where I'm slowly becoming addicted to a Brute.

Or maybe I'll go be a shameless flirt online. I've been known to do that.
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Smallville last night was choppy. Not because of the story or because of the acting (which all worked), but because of all the freakin' plot holes! Plot resolution is apparently for wusses. )

Wow that was a lot of rambling. Back to work for me.
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The Scene:
Sitting down at the computer after dinner and going to check email.

[livejournal.com profile] jdotmi discovers that his computer will not connect to the intartubez. He frowns and wanders into [livejournal.com profile] satyr_mi's currently empty room (as he is off at a friend's working on homework) and examines the cable modem which has a rapidly flashing synch light and nothing resembling connectivity.

[livejournal.com profile] jdotmi heads to the living room to check the TV, which is displaying a default branded logo and the time on several channels.

[livejournal.com profile] jdotmi goes bugfuck.

[livejournal.com profile] carebear_flare: I've got some channels on my TV. Check the lower channels.

[livejournal.com profile] jdotmi verifies some channels work okay, but look like liquid ass.

[livejournal.com profile] jdotmi: OMG TEH CABLE COMPANY IS DISCONNECTING US!!!11!! NOOOOOOO!!11!!! I'M CURRENT ON THE BILL!!!!

[livejournal.com profile] jdotmi frantically dials the people that send the pictures through the t00bz.

Pre-recorded Message: We are currently aware of an outage in your area and a technician has been dispatched to repair. Would you like us to call you back when the outage is over?

[livejournal.com profile] jdotmi: Oh. Right then. Do that.

[livejournal.com profile] jdotmi and [livejournal.com profile] carebear_flare sit down and watch Smallville.

Teh Intert000bz come back to life.

There was much rejoicing.
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So, yesterday I watched Smallville, Bionic Woman, and Reaper.

I'm liking Kara, and it's kind of cool to see Clark interact with her. Not loving the Lois/Chloe pseudo-rivalry. Something's gotta give there. The new "editor" sucks. Not just because he's an idiot, but the actor just flat blows.

Reaper was pretty damn good. Definitely watching it. Here's to hoping that it doesn't wind up sucking because the CW can't afford to keep it a decent show.

Bionic Woman wasn't as bad as I feared from all the reviews. This was a two episodes smashed into one deal. The beginning made no sense because of it, and things felt quite disjointed, but it was ok. I actually wound up liking Jaime, so I'm sticking with the show for a bit longer now.

Well, off to get some breakfast. I'm starving.
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Cutting this for spoilers for those further back in time than me.

Here there be Smallville Season 7 spoilers! )

Well, I'm going to bed now.
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So, I have this pseudo-guilty pleasure called Smallville. The first three seasons were actually pretty good television, season 4 was a nightmare, season 5 was mostly good with messy undertones, and season 6 started out with great promise and ended with a shrug. Season 7, however, promises to be more problematic than anything. Why, you ask? Pretty simple. Kara Zor-El.

Yes. Supergirl is showing up when Clark isn't even quite 21 years old yet. Nor, for that matter, able to fly or being called Superman by the public.

I don't like this idea. It's completely contrary to every version of Supergirl that has come before, even the movie version. Granted, I think a lot of people want to forget that movie ever happened. The only version of Kara that could be even remotely this close to Kal-El's age is Power Girl, and she's from an alternate dimension.

*shrug* We'll see what happens. Her first appearance will be in the season premier. $5 says she's the one who stops Bizzaro.
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Just got done watching my TiVo'd recording of the season premier of Smallville.

Without going into too much spoiler territory (nobody died, everything's changed, and Kryptonian women either have preternaturally shiny lips or they have a lip gloss factory in the Phantom Zone), this was bar none the best episode of the show ever aired. It's even better than the Pilot. And every single character but Lois got to shine in a million different ways. (Lois was, well, unconcious for all but 5 minutes of the episode, so she didn't get a lot of chances there. The 5 minutes she had? Iconic.)

If they keep this up for the rest of the season, they will far surpass any previous season.
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I posted this over at Television Without Pity, and figured I'd post it here.

It's spoilerific, so it gets a cut. )
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Today is just dragging. At least I'm finally in the last 20 minutes of my work day. New episode of Smallville tonight, but I may wait until later to watch it. I say that now knowing full well I'll be glued to the TV at 8 whether I like it or not.

Thank god it's my weekend. I've done enough work this week. :-p Tomorrow is a laundry day. And a Meijer day. And a car payment day. And a cell phone payment day. And then I'm done with bills until rent is due in two more weeks.

Hmmm. Did I pay my AAA renewal? I think I did... I remember writing the check, at least. I'll have to look in my checkbook when I get home.

Ooohhh maybe I'll do some Sims 2 when I get home tonight. Well, if I can resist the temptation that is Dragon Quest VIII...

Anyrate, done being random for now.
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When I get into something new, I really really get into it. If you look through the last two months worth of entries I've posted, you'll probably see indications that I am heavily addicted to Smallville, which is definitely not one of the best television shows ever produced. Fortunately, after a while, I reach a point where the obsession goes away, or at the very least becomes something slightly less neurotic. Finally hit that point. I mean, I was actually bored on my lunch break yesterday because I didn't go reading obsessively about things related to the show. :-p I still am finishing re-watching Season 4, and am watching new episodes as they air, but it's not the only thing I do with my free time anymore. :-p

So now I need new obsessions. Dragon Quest VIII is working nicely for a little bit, and I'm getting back into The Sims 2. I need to finish reinstalling it on my PC (still have to install Nightlife and the latest patch they released last week). I've also gotten back into City of Heroes/Villains thanks to them changing some of the game-stopping missions that spring surprise Archvillains on you (they'll be Elite Bosses if you're solo, which means that anyone with anything resembling healthy, sustained DPS should be able to take them out), and both [livejournal.com profile] satyr_mi and I are back into World of Warcraft. After my post from yesterday, we sorta decided to keep it running after the timecards run out. At least for the time being. I'm even considering a few more games of Civilization IV. Now I just need more free time to actually do all these things. :-p

On a related note, since we're supposedly playing Shadowrun on the 25th, I requested the 26th off from Borders and am considering requesting it off from Booth as well.

And now, time to do more work (virus issues annoy me).
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I'm not addicted. I can stop anytime. I'm not spending my vacation day watching old episodes and waiting til 8pm. Really! Honest!


Go away, I'm watching TV.
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So, on tonight's Smallville, Clark talks to Chloe about his lack of a sex life since getting his powers back. This leads to the discussion many have wanted to see, but none want to admit curiosity about. And it leads to this exchange:

Clark: It's not funny!
Chloe: No, you're right, it's not. It's just that this converstation definately cements me as your Krypto-hag.

Why, yes, I will be watching.


The episode is "Fanatic".
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I've been reading the new Supergirl series. Just got issue 3. They sure are taking their time releasing them. :-p Looked at the solicits for future issues. Interesting to note that issue 8 is Post-Infinite Crisis already. Should be interesting. Speaking of, I picked up issue 2 of Infinite Crisis. I should probably try to find issue 1 now. :-p Basically, the book was a whole lotta backstory telling us everything we already knew about Power Girl but she didn't remember herself. Well, until she got all touchy feely with Lois and morphed into Hillary Clinton for a panel. o_o Seriously, she aged like 25 years in that one panel. It was CREEPY! Then she shoved her boobs into Superman's crotch. That was even creepier.

I also picked up Four and Twenty Blackbirds by [livejournal.com profile] wicked_wish. I have a signed "original" copy from the mad pirate days, but this is the more authentic deal now. Just gotta pry myself away from Smallville and Civ IV long enough to finish reading it!

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