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Well, I was going to go play Star Trek Online, but it appears my subscription lapsed without me turning on any billing options yet. Oops. I'll wait til Friday to re-up that. Instead, I think I'll play Champions Online for a little while.
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Holy shit, you guys! I need to have my head examined or something, cuz I am out of my freaking mind! I'm not even kidding. I would blame the new PC, but this all started long before it arrived.

So, let's do a little breakdown of what the hell I'm babbling about.

City of Heroes
Just pre-purchased the new Going Rogue expansion for both me and [livejournal.com profile] satyr_mi. Did not make a pistols character as I do not have slots open on Virtue and do not want to buy more slots right now. Probably should just free transfer some toons off to other places. May yet do that.

World of Warcraft
My friend John just got into the game, so now I have yet another person to chat with when playing that.

Star Trek Online
Has it's own post. :D It's shiny and new!

Champions Online
I had to see how it looked on the new beast, so I paid for a month (I played for the free month when I bought it after the free trial thing they did). Now that I've let it sit away for a bit, I'm finding I sorta enjoy it.

So. Yeah. Four games active. I'm supposed to have time to play them how???
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Oh, hey, look at that! It's an LJ post! Holy crap!

Actually, it's a picture post. And not one of my shiny new Alienware. Just, ya know, taken on said Alienware.


LJ cut for your pleasure. )

I have about 5 pics of each of my characters over in my scrapbook. Feel free to browse. I may add some shots of their ships later.

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