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Final two episodes of Glee Season 1: AWESOME! And hillarious. And tearjerking.

First episode of True Blood Season 3: AWESOME! And hillarious. And hello thar Sam/Bill dream sequence. Sequel to that dream, please?

First episode of HGTV Design Star Season 5: ... what? Really? WTF? I'm giving this another couple weeks and then I'm probably ditching this show. Vern Yip sucks as a TV show host, and now this is turning into Vern Yip's Design Star. I get it, HGTV is hurting financially or something, but y'all couldn't be bothered to put anything resembling production values into this show? Or, ya know, class? Well, other than Candace, cuz I'd watch her read the telephone book she's that awesome. And no Clive? Really, show? I loved that the judges did walk-throughs and interact more with the contestants and that they started with the white-box challenge, but beyond that this really really sucked.

Since this clearly has me wanting to be chatty, let's recap the series as a whole, shall we?

  • Season 1 had the "new show" vibe, and we got a really awesome designer out of it with his own show (David Bromstadt is now on to a new version of his show on HGTV, which makes me happy. I should probably watch that).

  • Season 2 refined the formula of Season 1 and was probably the best season they had, and we got yet another awesome designer out of it (Kim Myles, and her show is fun!).

  • Season 3 was another great year, until a gay porn controversy put a huge ol' black mark on the show and kept one of the designers out of the finale reunion and the awesome designer who won (Jennifer Bertrand) then got the crap treatment from the studio and her show was quietly not-launched and then apparently cancelled before anyone actually got to know it was there.

  • Season 4 was a giant cluster with Tashika's classless send-off (she should have been gone earlier, but Vern was a total dick about her send-off) and it was apparently decided that America had no business choosing the winner that wasn't going to appeal to the straight male demographic or edgy female demographic that HGTV is clearly deisgned for and thus we got a winner that nobody I know has any interest in watching on television and clearly the people would have picked the runner up as evidenced by the reaction of the internet.

So, yeah, that word.
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Jacob? For real? The show is good, but it's not quite that good. A+ all around? Yeah how 'bout no? And your writing? Sorry, it blows. I can't even try to read your recaps. You're not nearly as clever or intelligent as you try to make anyone believe you are.

Between that and your recaps of BSG I'm ready to just kill myself rather than read yet another word of your wannabe pretentious bullshit.

Thank God you don't get your batshit crazy on in the recaplets.
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Oops! I almost forgot to post!

Um. Not much to say really. Spent more time in WoW tonight. Got my newbie Death Knight out of her starting zone and started working on her Blacksmithing prowess. Also did the Human Newbie quests while I was at it. Started reading Interview with the Vampire again. Still haven't watched last weekend's True Blood.

Looking forward to a three day weekend now.
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Oh hey, look at that, I've still got a LiveJournal!

Sorry, y'all. Twitter and Facebook ate my brain.

And I'd have a really cool and informative update, but I'm at work and I'm busy and I have a new boss starting tomorrow so I gotta get shit done.

WoW and CoH also ate my brain. CoH will eat it more once Issue 16 goes into open beta. Or I get into closed. Whichever comes first.

Also? True Blood and Dollhouse. Did I mention I've read the entire Sookie Stackhouse series of novels three times now? Two of which were in a row? I'm now lending the books to a co-worker of Keith's so that I don't read them all again.

And now, I track food! I'm trying to cut down on what I'm eating. To say I've been eating a bit too much lately is a bit of an understatement.

Cut cuz you really don't care. )
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So, I'm a bit of a Sookie Stackhouse addict. There's the entire reading nine books in two weeks thing, and the entire watching all of season 1 of True Blood on blu-ray in, oh, a week? Yeah, so I just finished watching episode 4 of this season, and it has now officially blown past season 1 in terms of the awesome.

So, yeah. The awesome? Tara's entire party falls in that category. As does everything Sookie did at the hotel, and everyone she met. And Jessica in general. I was a little concerned about the new character, but I am really liking her now.

The not so awesome? Um. What not so awesome?

So, yeah. Very good show. Y'all need to watch. For real.
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Eagerly awaiting the new season of True Blood. Got season 1 (twice, first copy had two disk 5's and no disk 3's) and have been enjoying it far too much. Especially with enhanced viewing. Also been re-reading the first four books. Need to get the rest since they are introducing characters in season 2 that don't appear in the books until book 5 and later.

Been watching a lot of Dollhouse on iTunes. Probably more than is healthy. I even made a small number of icons from "Man on the Street". Because, ya know, I post oh so much...

Been playing City of Heroes and Civilization IV: Colonization and World of Warcraft. It's really hard to stay in one game for longer than 30 minutes at a time right now, though. -_- My ability to focus has gone pfffffzt!

Netflix is evil. In a good way. The Golden Compass was a good movie and they need to make the sequel now. Currently getting disks of Birds of Prey, which was cheesy and somewhat over the top but was still a pretty decent show.

Just finished a huge project at work and am now waiting to launch said project and train people on it. Time to get back to work
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So, yesterday, while paying off a late cable bill, I got talked into upgrading my cable service again. Faster internet and lots and lots of channels. My monthly bill? Went up by 50¢. Yeah.


We have on-demand already, but with our lack of knowing wtf happened to our real cable box remote, we have to play with the box to get it working. So, I went ahead and watched (free! woot!) the pilot episode of True Blood.

I had to tell myself within the first five minutes that the show was HBO and not SkinemaxCinemax. And while Ryan Kwanten isn't bad to look at (especially buck naked like he first shows up in the show), he also isn't great to look at (especially buck naked like he first shows up in the show). It's, uh, interesting to say the least.

Once the softcore porn scenes were over (and the ones that happened later, too), the show was pretty good. There are some issues in the pilot, obviously, but it looks pretty good so far. I'll be watching more over the weekend to get caught up and have added it to a seson pass on my TiVo.

I can see where some complaints on the show have come from. The responses are generally positive by critics, but it has some crazy yo-yoing going on in reviews. Some say it's brilliant, some say it sucks (and not in that Vampire slurpie kinda way), and some say it's somewhere in the middle. Most seem to lean towards good reviews with small nitpicks.

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