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So today was my first day of vacation where I was home alone. [livejournal.com profile] satyr_mi had work again, so I got the place all to myself. Well, myself and two yowling kitties. Daniel was insistent something was wrong because I was home. He eventually calmed down and went to sleep for a few hours. I spent the day with Sims and minor housework. Sim for a couple hours, do dishes. Sim for a couple hours, clean the living room. Sim for a couple hours, vacuum. Sim for a couple hours, make dinner.

Now I'm gonna go Sim for a couple hours.
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So, yeah. I've been decidedly unchatty on LiveJournal of late, so I figured I'd, well, not fix it but, ya know, pretend to care.

Um. I'm on vacation this week! So, yeah. Home all week. Uh. We joined Netflix finally. Now we just gotta find stuff to watch via the xbox on it. First two movies we had shipped to us were blu-ray's of Iron Man and The Dark Knight which we will probably watch at some point this week. Both WoW and CoX have 6 month subscriptions attached, too.

I beat Star Ocean 4 a week or so ago. Prolly more. But now I'm doing the bonus dungeons and the Arena. I sorta accidentally beat the final arena boss in under 5 minutes the first time I fought him, so I may be just a tad overlevelled. And I beat the first bonus dungeon end boss (first flavor) in under 10 minutes. I know this cuz there were Battle Trophies attached and all that. So yeah.

OH! I got WORMS for the Xbox! It's one of their downloadable games. [livejournal.com profile] dianak would be so amused. I am noting a distinct lack of holy hand grenades so far, though. :( And no carpet bombs.

[livejournal.com profile] satyr_mi is finally finishing up Battlestar Galactica. Tivo is very happy that he's getting done with all his shows on it. :-p

Well, that's all I got. Time to plan for tomorrow, what with it being our 11th anniversary and all that. (Yes, for real, yes, we are so amused by this.)
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Well, I didn't hit 80 on my vacation, but I got my Death Knight to 61 and grinding Mining and Herbalism up to 225. And I got my main up to level 78. And got her the questing and exploration achievements for every zone she's completed so far (Howling Fjord, Borean Tundra, Dragonblight, and Grizzly Hills). At no point was I really in the running for any server firsts thanks to those who share their accounts out, but hey, I had fun and the quests are freaking AWESOME!

And now, back to your regularly scheduled work week.
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Yes, y'all, I'm taking the remainder of my vacation time before January! Why? Well, tonight at midnight World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King launches. I will be at Gamestop picking up mine and [livejournal.com profile] satyr_mi's copies of the game, which we've already paid for, going home, installing it, and then I will spend the next seven days in Azeroth during my every waking moment.

Really, y'all. It's gonna be EPIC. Except for that part where all my shiny purples will be replaced with blues and greens, but that's neither here nor there. And if that sentence made no sense to you, just smile and nod. Really, it's safer that way.
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I know, I didn't post a single thing last week regarding my party (it was fun!) or what I did for the week following while I didn't have to be at work (other than a brief interruption on Tuesday when I had to go in to get my mid-year review).

Party was a success! [livejournal.com profile] margaras arrived quite unexpectedly, but we didn't complain! It was nice to see him again! And he got free monitors out of the visit. [livejournal.com profile] winterlady, [livejournal.com profile] bugfish, and kidlet came as expected, bearing gifts of fudge, pie, and a WoW time card! [livejournal.com profile] eligrrl and her boyfriend came. She even brought White Cheddar Cheez-its, which are one of the best snack foods EVER. [livejournal.com profile] oskaar arrived a bit later than everyone else, but it was nice to see him again, too. Non-LJ friend Steve also came over with his cheesy potatoes. And I made a vegetarian version of my crack-pasta dish despite [livejournal.com profile] fenwalker not making it after all. It came out great anyway, so I'm not complaining. Much. ;) We watched Jeff Dunham's Arguing with Myself, Clue, and Margaret Cho's I'm the One I Want.

The rest of last week was mostly low key. We went to have dinner at [livejournal.com profile] lilbearmi's place on Monday and watched The Producers (musical version). [livejournal.com profile] satyr_mi's sister took us out to lunch at TGI Friday's on Monday, too. We also exchanged our Xbox360 (our second one, that stopped spinning discs) and they let us keep the hard drive from the old one AND we got a store credit since the price dropped $50 since we had bought it. It also came with Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Forza 2. Seeing as how we already owned the latter that was amusing. Later in the week we used that credit to nab Apartment Life for The Sims 2, and I picked up Spark of Insanity, which is the Jeff Dunham DVD I didn't yet have.

Yesterday, [livejournal.com profile] lilbearmi skipped out on going to Fest (due to this thing called hurricane remnants coating the entirety of Michigan in torrential rain and causing Fest to close early anyway) and visited us and we watched I'm the One I Want again and the .Tivo file I have of Legally Blonde: The Musical. And I made taco-beefy-cheddar-penne. Yes, it's as unhealthy as it sounds. Yes, it tastes as good as it sounds. The visit did prompt a manic "clean the apartment in under 90 minutes" event wherein we did exactly that. And then had a brief argument (okay, slightly more than brief and slightly more than an argument) about keeping up with the housework. Heh. Granted, this conversation tried to happen in the middle of my Virgo Moment™ and annoyed me. :-p But it was ultimately productive and we all felt much better after. :)

And, now, I'm back at work. And now I'm going to get back to it. My inbox is positively freaking out.
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I'm taking the week of July 21st off. GLEEE! My first vacation this year.

I'm not GOING anywhere during it. Hell, I won't even have WoW during it anymore. I'll just be home all day. Relaxing. Ahhhhhh. (and it's a week after pay week, so yay to that)

I also took a week off after my 30th birthday coming up in September.

Ready for the weekend to start. Pretty much now.
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Apparently, I am still 11 hours over on Personal Time that I can carry over into next year. So, I'm taking this coming Friday and Monday off.

Yay for more time off!

Boo for not getting sick enough last year to not have to take extra time off? Okay, not so much.

ETA: Ganked from [livejournal.com profile] shadesong... Katamari Cake-acy!
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So, I said I'd do a real update, didn't I?

Vacation last week was nice. We used up some tasty gift card money for food and whatnot. Olive Garden has some new limited time lasagna dishes that are really good. And $75 in gift cards pretty much paid for dinner for [livejournal.com profile] satyr_mi and I twice last week. We also went over to my parent's on Tuesday and had dinner there since [livejournal.com profile] satyr_mi hadn't been there since they moved. Other things to distract me were Beautiful Katamari and Viva Piñata. Didn't take long for me to beat Katamari, although I do have a lot of things left to collect. And, uh, well, I played about 24 to 30 hours of Viva Piñata in, oh, 4 days? Yeah. That word. Already got 42 of the Achievements in the game, too. Heh.

My WoW account is currently turned off again. I'll reactivate it when I get paid on Friday. Hence me having a lot of time last week to sit in front of the TV and rub all the skin off of my thumbs. x_x Stupid Katamari makes thumbs go owie. x_x

Last night I made my first home-made chicken noodle soup. It's not as impressive as it sounds. I mean, it's not like I made home-made chicken broth or something. And I used boullion cubes and frozen veggies, but still. It came out pretty good. I was quite pleased with it.

Well, don't have much else to write about right now. So I'm gonna veg out for 10 more minutes before work starts back up.
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Wow. I haven't posted in over a week. Granted, I was on vacation all last week. There's stuff to post about. But not right now. This is just a drive-by posting to let y'all know I'm not dead yet.

I'll type more when lunch time rolls around. For now, back to work!
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Wow. It's been a while since I posted in here! I feel like such a bad blogger, except for that part where I don't typically blog so much as babble when I write in this thing. Still, it beats the mounds of memes that I used to post all the time.

So, what has my life been like since last I posted? Let us explore, shall we?

Weekends off? Cool! Oh wait, there was money involved in that... )

FullTimeJob needs socialization badly. )

[livejournal.com profile] satyr_mi has been going crazy due to end of the semester wackiness, and group projects where his group is non-existant. That's all done and over with and so far so good. He has this week off then starts summer term up next week. Here's to hoping the job hunt goes well, too.

I got bit by the spring cleaning bug. I got a lot done, but have a lot more to do. And I really want to keep it up this time. Granted, I say that EVERY time and it never sticks. I've got a bit more laundry to do, my desk to clean, and my bathroom to clean and then all of my areas are done. I should probably vacuum the apartment today or tomorrow, too.

I don't watch enough TV. Honest. )

We still need to go visit [livejournal.com profile] lilacmoon5 before she and her husband move out of state. The move date got pushed back, so we have a little more time, but I want to do it soon™. Why, yes, I do want to get season 1 of Battlestar Galactica back so that I can watch it and then season 2 and then season 3 when we buy it and get caught up. I'm weird that way. :p And I wouldn't mind getting one last Shadowrun game in, either. Or a few games of Fluxx or Dalmuti or Crononauts.

Sims 2 addiction much? )

I almost regret to say that I cancelled my City of Heroes account. We haven't played either Heroes or Villains in months, so it was a logical decision. Of course, Issue 9 was just released today. Fortunately, there isn't anything in Issue 9 that has me jumping up and down and going "I want it! I want it!" so it's not going to get me back.

World of Warcraft babble )

[livejournal.com profile] nuadha_prime needs to have a card night again soon. Granted, more people need to show up for them, but hey. ;) And I need to get him back his copy of Kingdom Come. Reminds me, I need to pick up comics. I'm a little behind. Dropping Wonder Woman until issue 13, though, so that should help. Probably going to cut back a little bit more, but not sure.

Anyrate, I've spent 30 minutes typing this up. I'm gonna post it and maybe write more later. :p
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So that whole "post every day this month" thing? So not happening. As evidenced by Wednesday and yesterday. Ah well.

So, my vacation was spent playing WoW. I'm not quite as bad as the people who hit 70 in 24 hours or the ones who have leve 40+ Draenei Shaman being powerleveled through constant instance farming or anything, but still. Letalli is now level 64. Four more levels until Flight Form. Blew all the cash she had been accumulating getting her riding skill up to 150, which is required before she can take Flight Form. Now I'm saving up to get her an Epic mount instead of her standard mount.

Going back to the full time job tomorrow is going to be painful. I've gotten used to getting up at 8 or 9 in the morning. I have to be at work at 7am tomorrow. x_x I'll survive, somehow.

After this week (which I've overbooked), I'm going to try to cut back my WoW time a bit. None of this "sign up for something to do every day of the week!" crap anymore. I'll go to Ony runs, but beyond that I'll do an instance if I'm playing and people want to go. Or maybe I'll go to Molten Core if we start doing that again. As much as I'd like to finish getting my armor sets, I'm not so worried about it now that I'm burning through the Burning Crusade content like mad.

Well, it's time for me to pack up and head home for a far too short nap between jobs.
Jan. 19th, 2007 11:50 pm

So tired

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Okay, I've been playing too much WoW on this vacation. I am so tired, but I'm still going to post!!!


Yeah, useless post, I know. Suffer.

Um. Cell phones both croaked (out of battery power), so I hope nobody tried to call me. :-p

Back to the grind tomorrow. Work, that is. Not level grind. :-p

That's all. Coma now.
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I spent pretty much the entire day firmly convinced that it was Wednesday. I'm not kidding. Even though I knew [livejournal.com profile] satyr_mi was going to his Thursday classes, and I knew Smallville was on tonight, I thought "WEDNESDAY!" in my head. Even [livejournal.com profile] winterlady talking about calling in to work (her head decided to become the Snot Factory of the World or something), I was still going "WEDNESDAY!" in my head. Now, I realize it's not WEDNESDAY, and my vacation is nearly over.

And then I was sad. :(

On the plus side (or the "you really need to get a life, dude" side), Letalli hit 61 in WoW and is rapidly plowing through that level. I am a sad lil boy, I know.

That's all I got for now. :-p
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Good morning, LiveJournal!

Got up about half an hour ago. Made breakfast for [livejournal.com profile] satyr_mi and myself. He's napping again (he had a migraine last night), and I'm going to play on the computer for an hour or two while he naps. Then I'm off to work on the living room and dining room and hallway. Once they're tidy, I'll bust out the vacuum and remove the seven layers of cat hair (slight exaggeration) that have accumulated on the carpet. o_o

Finally on my true days off. No work at any job until the weekend. And, tonight, I get to pick up the expansion to World of Warcraft. So, yeah. Need to be productive today before all is lost! O_O

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My first day of Vacation! Woo! Er, well, okay. It's not really all that exciting. I've sat at home playing World of Warcraft. Not exactly high adventure or anything, there. We did have a bit of fun when the cable modem crapped out again, which is starting to get really annoying. Although, we've had the same cable modem since we moved in here, so maybe it really is just dying finally. Either way, it was annoying.

We were supposed to go shopping today. Didn't happen. It'll happen tomorrow morning. Despite being on vacation, I do still have to work the weekend job this weekend. But that won't be too bad. It's really starting to wind down there. Well, okay, I say that now, but we had major problems last weekend that involved me having work to do all night, so hey. In theory it's winding down, at least. :-p

Well, we just had a micro-burst of cleaning/re-organization. Hopefully, we'll be super productive on Monday with the cleaning. Even if [livejournal.com profile] satyr_mi threatens to kill me for it. :-p

On a side note, so far I've managed a post every day this month. Yes, I set myself a goal. :-p Here's to hoping I don't fuck it up this week! :-p
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Last night was a card night at [livejournal.com profile] nuadha_prime's place. [livejournal.com profile] satyr_mi and I were dumb and left our leftovers there, though. ~_~ Oops. We played the WoW CCG, doing the Onyxia's Lair pack. It was pretty fun, but we got pummeled by Ony ([livejournal.com profile] nuadha_prime) pretty badly. :-p Looks like card night may be moving to a day that isn't Wednesday. Tuesday was the vote of 3 of the five there (patch day, of course we'll choose that as the night we wouldn't be busy!). He's also running a Final Fantasy inspired Savage Worlds game, which sounds like it could be a lot of fun. And my friday's are mostly free, so definitely could be fun.

Today is my last day of work at Borders until the 22nd. I'm on vacation all next week. Definitely looking forward to it! I don't have a lot of work to do today as it is, so I'm going to probably spend most of the afternoon writing documentation and going through other people's cases to see if there's anything I can close out. As it is, I know I have a couple cases of my own that can't be closed today, so it's a matter of getting as much done so the next person to get the case can pretty much close it within a day or so.

My stomach is not happy with me. I'm not sure why. I'm blaming the pepperoni from dinner last night, though. Heh. I'm not as fond of pepperoni as I once was, so who knows.

I went insane at some point and decided that I need to be doing "something" in WoW every day. Or multiple times a day. Tonight is going to be fun, because it'll be [livejournal.com profile] satyr_mi, [livejournal.com profile] carebear_flare, me, and two other people (or maybe one?) running through an instance together. Tomorrow, though, I totally lost my mind. I'm running Blackrock Depths in the morning, and then I'm going to Scholomance in the evening. And I have to go shopping at some point in between the two. [livejournal.com profile] satyr_mi's just rolling his eyes at me at that one, and I can't honestly say I blame him.

Well, my 15 minute break is about over. Time to get back to work!
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So, yeah, WoW post. Gotta love being on vacation!

Last night, I went on my first ever real raid in WoW. And by "real raid" I mean an actual Raid Instance designed for more than 5 people. I volunteered to fill out the ranks of the TSGA (The Small Guild Alliance) of Aggramar on day 2 of their Molten Core run. We took out Golemagg and Sulfuron, but triple wiped on Executus (after getting him down to two Elites left). Two Cenarion Belts dropped, and I was one of only two druids remaining after the raid was called, so I got one. There had been 4 druids total, one had the belt, another had what I think was a better Epic belt, and the third had a world-dropped Epic belt. Me? I was wearing Wildheart Belt. Still am, actually, since I'm six bubbles from 59.

It was a bit tricky being two levels lower than the rest of the raid (but I never aggromonkeyed, thank you very much) and being Feral Specced, so I was pretty much on healer duty the entire run. And I didn't totally suck at it, but I only really had Rogues and Hunters to deal with.

Today is maintenance day, so it's also known as housework day. And the day my brakes get replaced on my car. So, I'll be poor, but my car will work, and I'll have a clean-ish apartment.

Off I go!
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Yesterday was a nice quiet day at home. Played a lot of City of Heroes and City of Villains. Mostly CoH, though. Gained two levels on Hidden Justice. She is now level 36. Also got my baby corruptor up a couple levels and my baby brute up a level.

Had a nice breakfast at the actual dining room table for a change. Just scrambled eggs and toast, but still. We got to sit and eat together, which normally doesn't happen at the table. That was more of a brunch than a breakfast, but it was still nice. Dinner was had in the living room on tv trays because we were watching Divine Design and Debbie Travis' Facelift. I also watched Jack Jack Attack! from The Incredibles.

Today is a quick Meijer run for some essentials. Ran out of milk. I need to get drain-o or something for my bathtub.

Anyrate, away I go!
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Good morning LiveJournal! So far, my vacation has been quite a success. Well, at least for me. :-p Saturday was movie day here. Didn't get too many people, but as it was we kinda didn't have as much space as I originally thought, so that wasn't too bad. Attendees included [livejournal.com profile] knottie, [livejournal.com profile] carebear_flare, [livejournal.com profile] margaras, my coworker Charles (yes, that's his name) and his lady friend who has a really interesting name that I can't remember to save my life. :-p Charles accidentally left his tub of brownies here, so I'll be returning the tub when I return to work next week.

We started with Monty Python and the Holy Grail, which was quite a success. The next movie we decided to watch was Clue, which is always a good thing. After that it was just [livejournal.com profile] margaras and [livejournal.com profile] carebear_flare left here as everyone else had to depart, so we played two games of Clue (I only observed on the last game, I won the game I played), and then we all went to bed.

Sunday morning I woke up early and headed out to feed the cats. [livejournal.com profile] margaras was already awake so I sat out in the living room and chatted with him until [livejournal.com profile] carebear_flare woke up. We then went into my room and I played some City of Villains and we all chatted. Then [livejournal.com profile] carebear_flare web-browed while we chatted. A couple hours later, [livejournal.com profile] satyr_mi got up and we all hung out and eventually played a game of Monopoly.

I started out the weakest (with one property of five different colors and no railroads or utilities), but wound up with all 4 railroads, a monopoly on the Forest Green properties (which I quickly built up) and eventually got a monopoly on the blue/grey properties. Oriental Avenue was the last property purcheased, and was purchased by me. My first hotels went there (and I pulled in lots of rent on those) and then I destroyed people when they landed on the newly hotel'd Pacific Avenue. [livejournal.com profile] carebear_flare got bankrupted by [livejournal.com profile] satyr_mi, and then [livejournal.com profile] margaras (despite an early cash lead) got bankrupted by me. Then [livejournal.com profile] satyr_mi landed on my hotels and went bankrupt. [livejournal.com profile] margaras went home shortly after the game was over and [livejournal.com profile] carebear_flare went home later in the evening.

We rearranged [livejournal.com profile] satyr_mi's room last night as well. After having done my room a couple weeks ago he wanted to do his room. So now it is done! He was quite happy with it.

I think I am going to go play my baby Corruptor in CoV on Virtue now.
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When I get into something new, I really really get into it. If you look through the last two months worth of entries I've posted, you'll probably see indications that I am heavily addicted to Smallville, which is definitely not one of the best television shows ever produced. Fortunately, after a while, I reach a point where the obsession goes away, or at the very least becomes something slightly less neurotic. Finally hit that point. I mean, I was actually bored on my lunch break yesterday because I didn't go reading obsessively about things related to the show. :-p I still am finishing re-watching Season 4, and am watching new episodes as they air, but it's not the only thing I do with my free time anymore. :-p

So now I need new obsessions. Dragon Quest VIII is working nicely for a little bit, and I'm getting back into The Sims 2. I need to finish reinstalling it on my PC (still have to install Nightlife and the latest patch they released last week). I've also gotten back into City of Heroes/Villains thanks to them changing some of the game-stopping missions that spring surprise Archvillains on you (they'll be Elite Bosses if you're solo, which means that anyone with anything resembling healthy, sustained DPS should be able to take them out), and both [livejournal.com profile] satyr_mi and I are back into World of Warcraft. After my post from yesterday, we sorta decided to keep it running after the timecards run out. At least for the time being. I'm even considering a few more games of Civilization IV. Now I just need more free time to actually do all these things. :-p

On a related note, since we're supposedly playing Shadowrun on the 25th, I requested the 26th off from Borders and am considering requesting it off from Booth as well.

And now, time to do more work (virus issues annoy me).

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