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Online Gaming
I'm still playing EverQuest 2. Through July at the least. It's fun now, so who knows. We'll see.

I haven't logged in to City of Heroes/Villains much in the last couple weeks. A brief break has been good for me. I need to buckle down and level up my Widow, though.

I reactivated my World of Warcraft account and got sucked into Karazhan my first night back. And, uh, I haven't really logged in since. :p I will, honest! Just, well, EQ2 ate my brain. Seriously. I'm zombietyping right now. Pretty soon, I'll be all NOM NOM NOM on the keyboard and my co-workers will think I've finally lost my shit.

Kitty Drugs
Daniel kitty is feeling better. Yes. He got sick again. No, no bloody urine this time (although, there was a small potential spot of bloody urine I found). But the vet (who is as sick of us showing up as we are of visiting her, but she's totally awesome so it's only "sick of" in the "could my cat suck any more money out of me?" way) gave us a 30 day supply of anti-spasmodic/antibiotic pilly goodness. He's been happy as a clam since three days of meds passed. He doesn't like getting pilled, but he's beginning to learn that pilling time also equals gooshy food time, so he doesn't shred the furniture any more than normal due to it.

Tabletop Games
[livejournal.com profile] rubicontiger ran a Mage game over the weekend for me and [livejournal.com profile] satyr_mi. We were a wee bit brutal with him, but overall I'd call the game a success. Fun was had, storylines were introduced, and we have a reason to play again! I'm thinking every two weeks or once a month would be good, simply because I don't want to have every weekend be the same thing. ;)

I'm sorta wanting to run a 3.5 game again. Figure that out.

...is almost over. Time to post this puppy and punch back in.
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This week has been psychotic. And by psychotic I mean "okay, stop the world, I need a break!" Work has been nutsoid, stuff at home has been nutsoid (in good ways pretty much), and I am so ready for the weekend to be here.

So, on a note related to a previous post of mine, I'm currently totally addicted to Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword, partially addicted to World of Warcraft and City of Heroes/Villains, and wanting to be addicted to The Sims 2.

I have ideas for Mage finally! This is of the good. I need to plan before actually running it, but I may be able to do something with it on Saturday. And we need to locate [livejournal.com profile] satyr_mi's character sheet.

I don't have anything really interesting to put in this post, I suppose. Posting for the sake of posting? Oh yeah!

Hmm. Maybe I'll write up a game of Civ that I play and post that...
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Everyone here already knows I'm a gamer. Regardless of this fact, I have a desire to babble about it some more. So, I'm going to. Well, not so much about gaming, but about what games I'm currently enjoying or looking to enjoy. (Boy that sentence sounds dirty when you type it out...)

Video Games
Mario Party 4: No, you didn't read that wrong. Ever since [livejournal.com profile] psifire's vacation visit, I've played a game or two of this a day. I realize that 4 came out an eternity ago, but we haven't bought an updated version in, well, ever. Maybe that'll change when we get some money. And we can buy two new controllers for the 'cube while we're at it.
Final Fantasy XII: If you read back far enough, you'll see when I got my hands on this game. I love it, but like every major FF release since 7, I never completed it on my first attempt. Unlike FFX, though, I plan on picking up where my save game currently is since I'm kicking so much ass in it instead of starting over.
Civilization IV: This game just came out with a second expansion (which we have yet to buy), so I'm busily smashing the AI into oblivion as any Leader that interests me. Once we get some extra money, we're getting the latest expansion.
World of Warcraft: The break I had to take due to moving for this game somewhat derailed me. Well, that and everyone else in my guild having breaks at about the same time for various reasons. I still want to play, but I don't want to just log in to pick flowers or lazily play an alt. I want to run instances with Letalli or Maristall.
City of Heroes: I'm seriously wanting to get back into this. I can't wait until we have some spare money so we can reactivate our accounts.

Tabletop Games
World of Warcraft CCG: I sorta want to play... I don't want to buy cards, but I want to play. Weird. My main problem with this is I don't know enough people who also play and I'm not going to just go play randomly at a store.
Mage: The Ascension: I want to run Mage, really I do! It's just that every time I get asked if I've been thinking about the Mage game (which [livejournal.com profile] satyr_mi and [livejournal.com profile] carebear_flare have had exactly one session of), my brain goes bezerk. The problem is, I know who the bad guy is. I'm not certain what the bad guy is doing, though. And I'm not certain what the character's mentors are up to yet, either. We've got this great built-in cast of characters (thanks to numerous WoD games we've played or run based in Ann Arbor), but I can't come up with a decent story in my head. It's driving me nuts.

I'd love to be a player in a tabletop RPG. I'm just having mental blocks coming up with characters.
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I have a bunch of characters that I have been playing in various incarnations for over a decade now. Some of them I've been playing for 15 years easily. With City of Villains right around the corner, I've got the opportunity to get yet another take on and old character of mine.

So, let's delve into the world of character history, shall we?

Letalli V'Lesra, from Elven Princess to Regretful Shadowknight, and back again. )

Lisa Stall, from crazy fire-loving Mage to really fucking scary Tremere Vampire )

Ruanne Paul, from Specialist Wizard in the School of Cosmotology to really short druid to ultimate kick-ass! )

Now, I suppose it's only fair to mention a couple of characters who never really made the dive into multiple games. Sarina Matrilor should have, by all accounts, been a character I kept with me forever. While I've tried to make versions of her in games, none have ever stuck. She was modeled off of Red Sonja (but blond!) and was a lot of fun when I played her originally. I've just never been able to get her moving along again. Darren Sundance has made some cameos in games other than D&D, but none lasted more than a week. He was another comedic character I thought I could bring back, but he never made it.

So, now, we come to the character I'm excited about revisiting and creating a new past for with City of Villains.

Calista Matrilor/Kalleesta Nefaras, from insane cousin to dark priestess to even darker Necromancer. )

The user icon for this post is the first online version of Kalleesta. Original EverQuest graphics and all. And, in case you're wondering, that red chainmail she's wearing is the Blood Stained Tunic. I wonder how many people remember what that is? (Why, yes, she is KOS in North Freeport, why do you ask?)
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I remember coming up with this character concept and making her and thinking she'd be really fun to play. Momma Nicki. Mage Revised - Celestial Chorus.
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Well, it would seem that there is a reprieve in the air for [livejournal.com profile] lisastall. [livejournal.com profile] templar_rose has indicated that game will be starting back up. It will be a smaller crowd, but it will be there. He's given me my invite and other invites will be going out. No more out-of-control games of doom.

So far, I'm bringing back Lisa Stall and Deirdra Smith/Morrighan. I will probably bring back Miranda, but I'm not sure. Bei-Ling and Arishayar are on hold for now.

White Wolf released Gehenna this week. I am going to The Underworld in Ann Arbor to see if they have it today. Thus begins the "End of the World" as we know it. We ([livejournal.com profile] satyr_mi and myself) will complete our World of Darkness collections and see where things go from there. I'm not sure I will care to continue purchasing WoD material with the revamp they are doing. Just from reading excerpts on White Wolf's official website I can see that they are continuing their trend of steamrolling a storyline over their customers. If this were graphic novels or plain old fiction I wouldn't care, but when you pull this shit in an RPG it pisses me off.

It's something that has been avoided, although not completely eliminated, in Dungeons & Dragons products. Then again, they have story changes when they change game editions. Seeing as how Advanced Dungeons & Dragons is just now on 3.5 (which did not contain major story changes in all reality) after how many years? White Wolf has a bad habit of making major game-world changes with every book, or at least every hard-cover, that comes out.

Now, you might (and I know some of you will) say, "Oh you don't have to use it if you don't like it" to which I respond "Bull-fucking-shit!" What, I'm allowed to ignore such ass-backwards things as the Avatar Storm, which while having a perfectly valid "story line" reason for existing was put in purely to break Mages in a way that they cannot recover from. You destroy the usefulness of the Spirit sphere (because any power which crosses the Gauntlet, even in a sensory fashion, subjects the Mage to damage from the storm) and thereby cripple 1/9th of theme and tone of the game-line. And how 'bout that Ravnos bit, which, by the way, I'm guessing is how ALL the Vampire Clans are going to get it shortly. Go read the previews on White Wolf's website if you don't believe me. It's spelled out in neat little black and white letters. Of course, this portion of my rant may be amended upon reading the book, but who knows.

The kicker is that the stuff in Gehenna happens regardless of the players actions. It even says in the book that the players cannot prevent it from occuring, so let them spend all the XP they have and, basically, "put their affairs in order". You lose the tone of a horror game when you tell the players "there is no way for you to survive or win or stop this". All good horror has a "ray of hope" regardless of the eventual outcome. Really good horror plays it to the fullest before destroying the characters.

So. Now we get to see how everything falls into place. Only time will tell if it was worth it.

Oh, look. A sappy splash page on White Wolf's website. Excuse me while I vomit.

Cross-Posted, with minor edits, to [livejournal.com profile] lisastall
Nov. 9th, 2002 07:47 am


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Had one of those rare moments last night when I was leaving work. Had a character spring, pretty well fully formed, into my mind. She came out of me noticing the moon through the smattering of clouds and the trees that have mostly lost their leaves outside of the office.

She's a character for Mage: The Ascension. She's between 15 and 17 years old. She's always been considered to be "touched" by those who know her. Daydreaming constantly, drawing pretty pictures in books, talking to her imaginary friends. Her imaginary friends, though, were Spirits.

The Orphan )
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No history though. Or personality. He's boring so far, and such a wuss.

And since it's long, It gets it's own brand spanking new LJ CUT! Mmm. Spanking. )
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So, I'm becoming vaguely interested in a LARP. I went and bought the revised LOTN book and the Cam and Sabbat books for MET. I made a Tremere, made a Brujah. Now pondering more characters to make in a "Dunno if I want to play this, but I'll give that a try" kind of thing.

The group I may be playing with is a Cam sanctioned group, so I was going to just be playing an NPC since I don't really have the main times available for play that the game is scheduled for.

For kicks, I got myself a Cam membership and am pondering trying to get my Tremere approved. Tremere are approval only apparently. I dunno, I don't have the Cam handbook yet. Of course, due to the character concept and behavior I expect the request to be denied (of course, I can still play her as an NPC, but hey).

So, then there is my Brujah who I could play. She wouldn't require approval, other than from the ST and since he's my best friend and I've known him since 3rd grade and have been gaming with him since 6th grade I think I'm pretty well gonna get it.

So, just for kicks, here are the characters. One at a time.

And since I'm not a total asshole, I'll even pull off an lj-cut for your amusement )
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Hmmm. New icon from [livejournal.com profile] kageneko! I like. It's purty. It's a Via thing.

I want to play Vampire. Random. I didn't really like the first character I ever played in Vampire. Well, no, I liked her, I just so chose the wrong Clan for her. She coulda worked as a Ventrue sooo much better. Maybe a True Brujah too. But she was Tremere, and that just didn't work out well.

The revised version I did of her would have been scary. Oh my god she would have been a blast.

Still tired. I hate only being able to get 3 hours of sleep between jobs. Oh well.

I have to work tomorrow to. ~_~ Not looking forward to that. 12 to 9. Blah.

So, yesterday I said I have 2 gay co-workers. I actually think I have 3, but I forgot the third one. :-p He's so not my type so I didn't even care. :-p

Well, suppose I should do something productive while I'm here.

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