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Working around the clock, bitches!

I'm going to avoid Hyjal for at least another 11 hours now. So freaking tired of skinning dragonkin...
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Letalli hit 85 in WoW on Sunday morning. I didn't even have the presence of mind to screenshot the event as it happened. :p

Cataclysm zones completed: Vash'jir, Deepholm, Uldum, Twilight Highlands. Still need to do Hyjal. All dungeons are located, have already done the first two. Decided I'm going to focus on both bear gear and tree gear. Which I guess means I'm not focusing on either one, but hey. I'm only carrying two sets of gear these day anyway. None of this silly "here's a set of cat gear, here's a set of bear gear, here's a set of tree gear" bullshit.
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So, if you didn't notice, I was trying to post every day this month on LiveJournal. Obviously didn't happen this weekend. It's okay, I'll live, but hey. LiveJournal is becoming a bit of a ghost town lately anyway.

So, this weekend we had a Birthday dinner at Keith's sister's place. We had to pick up his niece on the way there. That was kinda hillarious and amusing. We got iTunes gift cards and Keith got a Moshi, which actually arrived at our place on Monday. I also finally read Dead in the Family, the latest Sookie Stackhouse novel. And showed off the Cataclysm beta to a friend who wanted to see it.

Oh, and in a SIGN OF THE APOCALYPSE moment, I cleaned my room and bathroom. No, seriously, they're clean clean. I can see my desk. And my floor. And stuff has been put away. Seriously, y'all, the end times are upon us.
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It's amazing what waking up 20 minutes earlier does for your morning. I ate breakfast at home, made my lunch, and made it to work at a relaxed pace. Yay me! And I already went through all of my open cases, so now I'm just waiting for others to get in to work so I can go get some caffination in my body.

In some World of Warcraft news, several months ago I moved my main character off of Aggramar over to Fizzcrank to follow [personal profile] winterlady to her new home and joined up with a guild there that had been allies with us prior to WotLK when they server transfered as a whole to it (it was free, after all). Then, she stopped playing (which was good since she played way too much, and bad because IT'S HER FAULT I'M AN ADDICT), then the main guild members took their mains out and joined a different guild for raiding, and nobody was ever on when I came back after a short hiatus, so I was pondering moving my main back to Aggramar to try to join another former ally guild of ours. Then I log in last night and discover that the entire guild has moved back in and there were like 15 people on last night. :p You have been killed by a WallOfText!

Now I have a reason to log on to the Live servers some instead of just the Cataclysm Beta server. :p

In some non gaming news, I watched more of GLEE on blu-ray last night. ^_^ I really really had forgotten how good the first half of the season was. Seriously, y'all, that show is the best thing on television right now.
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Blizzard will no longer be requiring real names to post on their forums.
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If you go to the [livejournal.com profile] worldofwarcraft community you can see tons of posts, but I found to be the most direct and clear demonstration of the bad idea that is RealID

Yes, I'm going to go on about this for a while I think.
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So, I have gotten back into playing World of Warcraft. The Random Dungeon Finder is like crack or something. Anyrate, this post is going to be short and to the point.

I did my first run of Heroic Occulus ever and all I got to show for it was this silly dragon!

I'd call that a win. ^_^
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Holy shit, you guys! I need to have my head examined or something, cuz I am out of my freaking mind! I'm not even kidding. I would blame the new PC, but this all started long before it arrived.

So, let's do a little breakdown of what the hell I'm babbling about.

City of Heroes
Just pre-purchased the new Going Rogue expansion for both me and [livejournal.com profile] satyr_mi. Did not make a pistols character as I do not have slots open on Virtue and do not want to buy more slots right now. Probably should just free transfer some toons off to other places. May yet do that.

World of Warcraft
My friend John just got into the game, so now I have yet another person to chat with when playing that.

Star Trek Online
Has it's own post. :D It's shiny and new!

Champions Online
I had to see how it looked on the new beast, so I paid for a month (I played for the free month when I bought it after the free trial thing they did). Now that I've let it sit away for a bit, I'm finding I sorta enjoy it.

So. Yeah. Four games active. I'm supposed to have time to play them how???
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Oops! I almost forgot to post!

Um. Not much to say really. Spent more time in WoW tonight. Got my newbie Death Knight out of her starting zone and started working on her Blacksmithing prowess. Also did the Human Newbie quests while I was at it. Started reading Interview with the Vampire again. Still haven't watched last weekend's True Blood.

Looking forward to a three day weekend now.
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I spent way too much time online this weekend. I played enough World of Warcraft this weekend to get 2.5 levels on my Death Knight and get the majority of a level done on my Priest. And I now have a new add-on addiction in the combination of TourGuide and LightHeaded. Very nice little mods.

Hmm. I should get a new icon pic for Letalli. That Outlands image doesn't really do her justice now.
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Oh hey, look at that, I've still got a LiveJournal!

Sorry, y'all. Twitter and Facebook ate my brain.

And I'd have a really cool and informative update, but I'm at work and I'm busy and I have a new boss starting tomorrow so I gotta get shit done.

WoW and CoH also ate my brain. CoH will eat it more once Issue 16 goes into open beta. Or I get into closed. Whichever comes first.

Also? True Blood and Dollhouse. Did I mention I've read the entire Sookie Stackhouse series of novels three times now? Two of which were in a row? I'm now lending the books to a co-worker of Keith's so that I don't read them all again.

And now, I track food! I'm trying to cut down on what I'm eating. To say I've been eating a bit too much lately is a bit of an understatement.

Cut cuz you really don't care. )
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Eagerly awaiting the new season of True Blood. Got season 1 (twice, first copy had two disk 5's and no disk 3's) and have been enjoying it far too much. Especially with enhanced viewing. Also been re-reading the first four books. Need to get the rest since they are introducing characters in season 2 that don't appear in the books until book 5 and later.

Been watching a lot of Dollhouse on iTunes. Probably more than is healthy. I even made a small number of icons from "Man on the Street". Because, ya know, I post oh so much...

Been playing City of Heroes and Civilization IV: Colonization and World of Warcraft. It's really hard to stay in one game for longer than 30 minutes at a time right now, though. -_- My ability to focus has gone pfffffzt!

Netflix is evil. In a good way. The Golden Compass was a good movie and they need to make the sequel now. Currently getting disks of Birds of Prey, which was cheesy and somewhat over the top but was still a pretty decent show.

Just finished a huge project at work and am now waiting to launch said project and train people on it. Time to get back to work
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So, yeah. I've been decidedly unchatty on LiveJournal of late, so I figured I'd, well, not fix it but, ya know, pretend to care.

Um. I'm on vacation this week! So, yeah. Home all week. Uh. We joined Netflix finally. Now we just gotta find stuff to watch via the xbox on it. First two movies we had shipped to us were blu-ray's of Iron Man and The Dark Knight which we will probably watch at some point this week. Both WoW and CoX have 6 month subscriptions attached, too.

I beat Star Ocean 4 a week or so ago. Prolly more. But now I'm doing the bonus dungeons and the Arena. I sorta accidentally beat the final arena boss in under 5 minutes the first time I fought him, so I may be just a tad overlevelled. And I beat the first bonus dungeon end boss (first flavor) in under 10 minutes. I know this cuz there were Battle Trophies attached and all that. So yeah.

OH! I got WORMS for the Xbox! It's one of their downloadable games. [livejournal.com profile] dianak would be so amused. I am noting a distinct lack of holy hand grenades so far, though. :( And no carpet bombs.

[livejournal.com profile] satyr_mi is finally finishing up Battlestar Galactica. Tivo is very happy that he's getting done with all his shows on it. :-p

Well, that's all I got. Time to plan for tomorrow, what with it being our 11th anniversary and all that. (Yes, for real, yes, we are so amused by this.)
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So, we used up some of our gift cards today by going to Olive Garden for lunch when we went to Costco. And somehow we managed to not even come close to finishing our lunches. Heh. We got an appetizer (stuffed mushrooms and toasted ravioli combo platter) which [livejournal.com profile] satyr_mi managed to eat 3 of the mushrooms and I ate 3 of the ravioli. Then we had our soups, which I finished but he didn't. I ate two breadsticks, one piece of my chicken and four bites of my pasta (chicken parm) and I was done. He was done after eating one piece of steak and two or three bites of pasta (steak gorganzola, it's a special). x_x We had three boxes of leftovers. :-p So that's dinner tonight. :-p

Went and paid for MCB memberships for the two of us and did the applications. Hopefully they can figure out that the two payments were for the two sign-ups. -_- Since both payments were from my paypal account. -_-

Anyway, back to WoW time. ^_^
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Well, I wound up coming home last night. Got some WoW time in that wsan't completely unproductive. And I'm getting some WoW Presents this morning. heh. About to get off of the computer and head out to my mom's though. The fun starts around 10ish there. :)

Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas. :) Or insert other apropriate holiday of your choice in that statement.
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Spent the morning getting some bag issues sorted out in WoW.

Now it's off to [livejournal.com profile] satyr_mi's sister's for Christmas Eve. Not sure if I'm staying the night, as Christmas Morning stuff is being done at my mom's (aunt's) at 10ish or so tomorrow morning.
Dec. 23rd, 2008 09:36 am


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Two super easy achievements, one mildly easy achievement, and one have to wait for it achievement to go before I finish the Winter's Veil meta-achievement. Probably the best achievement name of the event.

Last night was spent obtaining winter hats for people in my guild. And I ran heroic Nexus, too. And I fucked up my respec back to feral by forgetting to take Bezerk. -_- I'm not spending any more cash on that one for a bit. Heh. Bezerk is nice, but not required for my grinding.

Hopefully I can do a couple more hat runs tonight. And a couple more heroics. Maybe get some of my non-heroic dungeon quests done, too. I really should focus on completing the questlines in Sholazaar (okay, not much left) and Storm Peaks and Icecrown. Maybe after Winter Veil is over...
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Winter needs to go away. I mean it. It needs to not be winter now. It is freezing cold, the roads coming in were icy and nasty, and we passed a lovely three car accident that happened within 5 to 10 minutes of us passing them. Really. Winter? So over it now.

Three day work week! Yay! Didn't buy any Christmas presents this year again. :( But we got [livejournal.com profile] satyr_mi's car fixed, so I don't feel too horrible about that. I'm still waiting on one of the books I bought my cousin to arrive, though. The USPS sat on it in Maryland for a week before it showed up in Detroit. Now I'm just waiting for it to be delivered. Preferrably today.

The face of one of the drawers in our kitchen fell off this morning when I went to get sandwich bags out. It just came right off. x_x I have to call the office when I have my break time to get them to fix it. I'm not sure how salvageable the drawer is, but ugh. At least it wasn't the silverware drawer or something.

I'm back in City of Heroes! This is good and bad. Bad because while I may be back in CoH, I'm still focusing more time in WoW. I got my Shaman up to 22 and all. And my Warlock to 36. And I started working on my Death Knight again. Then there was a queue so I went and got my main VEAT through a mission in City and was scared by the Patrol XP bonus that gave her 4 bubbles from one mission at 22. o_o For those who could folllow that entire paragraph and understand it, I fear for your sanity.

Okay, time to assign out some more work to others.
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The Good: Ran three instances last night in WoW as Letalli. Halls of Lightning, Halls of Stone, and Utgarde Pinnacle. Much murderous mayhem and quest completage was had by all.

The Bad: Majel Roddenberry passed away yesterday.

The Ugly: The drive in this morning. To say "it SUCKED" would be too nice. To say "fuck this winter shit and the horse it rode in on" would be slightly more appropriate.

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