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Userinfo pages are boring. Does anyone actually read these? ;-)

Important things to know about me if you plan on reading my journal:

I talk about gaming. I talk about it almost all the time. Sometimes, I'll try to throw in a post without a gaming reference, but it doesn't always work out that way. What kind of gaming do I post about? Well, it depends on what I'm doing. Primarily it's Role Playing Games. You know, the evil horrible Dungeons & Dragons and Vampire and Werewolf and stuff like that. Online games take up a nice large chunk of my post content. Whatever current tabletop campaigns I am playing in take up the next major chunk. Starting in around 2004 through early 2007, I was playing in a Shadowrun game once every month or two. We completed one of the storylines in early 2006 and switched to a concurrent storyline for a bit. We then did some finishing up of loose ends due to the GM moving out of state which was pretty fun. Prior to that we had a Werewolf game running for a couple years. I have been known to play in various other World of Darkness (NOT 2.0) games and run an occaisional homebrew D&D game.

Currently, most of my gaming is of the online variety. World of Warcrack City of Heroes/Villains, and Star Trek Online are fantastic little timesinks. Anyone wanna buy me a time card? *wink*

I also talk about some TV shows a lot on here. I used to write about Buffy all the time, but haven't lately. I own seven seasons on DVD, so it can be quite the topic for me. :-p My other TV show addictions vary over time, but you can see most of them on my Interests list.

I will infrequently write about work. I worked at the home office of Borders Group Inc doing technical support for the stores and home office. Now that Borders has asploded, I am working at the store help desk for Dominos Pizza, LLC. That is my full-time "real" job, as I like to call it. I also had a job working weekends for Booth Newspapers doing Computer Systems Monitoring, however that job ended in April of 2007. So, now you get to watch me have mild financial panic instead on a semi-regular basis.

Oh, yeah, sometimes I post things that may or may not really piss you off. I'm a "Liberal". Shrub is a retard. Condi needs to have a porcupine surgically extracted from her ass. The "religious right" all needs to suddenly have delusions of Rapture so they can all fling themselves off the tallest building they find. I try to avoid posting on these subjects because I'm not really interested in having an online discussion about them, but you may now consider yourself forwarned should I choose to do so at a later date.

Reading List:
I do not call the journals I read my "friends list". It is a reading list. I have recently started removing journals that have not been updated within the past 12 weeks. (edit 4/1/05: okay I haven't done this lately, but I may resume said activity at some point) (edit the second on 11/7/2006: I just purged a ton of dead journals that had not updated in more than three months. Let me know if you want back on.) There are some exceptions, but mostly related to me knowing you in real life or the journal being my in-character journal.

If you still lurk and read and want back on so you can read my protected entries, let me know.
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