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So, it occurs to me that I haven't really been posting on here regularly. I know, shock of shocks. But my life has been a little cray cray the past few months so maybe it's time I update for those who aren't also selling their souls on Facebook.

So, back in April I had a bit of a health scare. Sharp pains in my chest (pin prick style, just a pop and then gone) and got light headed. Went to the urgent care across the street. Turns out, my EKG came back totally normal. Okay good. My blood sugar was 305. Three hours after I had eaten lunch.

So, they had me get my blood drawn to do a bunch of tests and sent me home with a note to make an appointment with my doctor (I don't have one) or to start with a doctor there who was taking new patients. I did not make an appointment.

Got a note from them saying my blood work came back normal and there wasn't a need for further tests. Then a few days after that I wasn't feeling well so I decided to make that appointment with the doctor at the clinic. Before that appointment, though, I wound up having a massive massive MASSIVE anxiety attack on my drive home from work and wound up in the ER. Blood sugar and dehydration, it turns out.

So, I get to my actual appointment. I'm sure you will be shocked to find out that that "normal" blood work I got back included an A1C of 8.6. Feel free to google that if you, like me, had no idea what an A1C even was. Needless to say, my new doctor was like "they said that was normal?!?!?"

So, now I'm on Metformin and some statin. Tracking everything I eat and all my exercise in MyFitnessPal. And I've lost over 30 pounds. I started at 388 and was at 356.4 this morning after my shower. I've just finished two weeks at the gym. Going 3 to 4 days a week. My body is like "holy shit there are muscles there???" It's fun! I actually look forward to it.

I have a glucometer that my Mom had never used, so she gave it to me along with a bunch of test strips for it. If I start feeling janky I test it. Discovered that an 88 means my body starts behaving like I'm having a hypoglycemic episode (which, ironically enough, has very similar symptoms to high blood sugar). The past couple days were baaaaad for high blood sugar with me. Like, really ugly. But I'm good today so far. Granted, I just now ate breakfast (after an hour at the gym) so we will see how the entire day goes.

But, yeah. That's what's been up with me. Also, now playing Final Fantasy XIV because it no longer sucks ass. What's new with you?
Jul. 31st, 2012 10:57 am

New era

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Well, we are officially moved out of Westbrook apartments. Turned in the keys yesterday. Lots of unpacking needs to be done at the new place. Hopefully the stress level starts to go down soon. Lots of conversations have to happen before that I suspect though.

I'd post more but my brain is mush and I have crap to do before going to work today. :-p
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My paid LiveJournal account actually expired. And for the first time since I started paying for it I'm pretty much not going to renew it.



We got keys to our new apartment yesterday. The initial wander around found a few minor issues (stained cabinets, a carpet stain or two, a closet door pull that won't stay on), a couple moderate problems (drywall tape bubbling behind the sink, a random light switch which controls nothing, a fire alarm which won't shut up but doesn't seem to have a place for a battery), and some big issues (wobbly ceiling fans, kamikazee fan cover on the microwave, possible mold in the storage area off the patio).

That kamikazee fan cover is hillarious, by the way. We were testing the kitchen appliances and we were like, "Oh there's only one light setting on it. Fan says Hi and Low so let's just push... OH MY GOD NOT THE FACE!". Heh. The clips that should hold it in place are all broken off. Not really a good thing. Heh.

We have our next car load boxed up and ready to load tonight when I get home from work. Things are going to escalate pretty rapidly on the Getting Shit Done scale. After that second load was boxed up we realized it's not as bad as we are scared it is. But it's still not as good as we want it to be. Heh.

Big move happens the weekend of July 20th. :) I is excited!
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I know it's been a while since I posted. Again.

This coming Wednesday I get keys to my new apartment.

Getting cable and internet ordered. They are stupid fast on shipping the necessary items so I don't want to place the order too far before we get keys cuz of that. Our Future Roommate™ is moving electric and gas to the new place in his name. I'm doing cable and internet thanks to the discounty goodness of bundles.

Already called to cancel my home phone line. It ends on the 25th of this month. Going to schedule my cable/internet disconnect here. I would schedule the gas disconnect but it's too soon before the end of our lease for me to do that still. Have to find out what we need to do to schedule the electric disconnect, but that can wait.

I've transferred almost all of my accounts off of my soon to be former email address. I have to help Keith do his now. And the packing/cleaning bonanza has begun. We keep saying it's not as much as we think it is. It's still more than we really want it to be.

This is the last weekend I will be spending in this apartment. All the rest will be in Lansing for the move. Bittersweet. Long time readers may remember that I started my livejournal just before moving into this apartment complex. Massive life changes were in progress then, some of which got undone, some of which did not. This is definitely a happier move than that was. At least for me.

Well, time to pack some more and clean some more and get ready for work some more.
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Listening to the Glee cast recording of "For Good" is definitely a good way to round out my day and head to bed.
May. 2nd, 2012 10:16 am

It lives?

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I knew it was time to finally wake up when I was falling in and out of sleep and dreaming about falling in and out of sleep. And people drift racing in parking lots.
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I was in the weekend stress test beta for Star Wars: The Old Republic two weekends ago and will be back in the test this weekend. So far, it is very very fun. Any questions? Leave them in the comments!
Aug. 8th, 2011 08:45 am


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I apparently have 150 Google+ invites to hand out. If you need/want one, just send me a private message on here with an email address and I'll send one your way.
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We'll be able to buy extra enhancement trays. o_o I can haz nao plzkthxbai!!!

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...is negated by the Vorpal Axe of Company Slaying!

If anyone was wondering where I disappeared to in LJ/Dreamwidth land, now you know.

Borders going into Liquidation.

It's rather ironic that I link to the article on the website born of the rotted husk of The Ann Arbor News, one of the papers of a place I used to work at where I was let go when they were eliminating the division I worked in.

Work blocked LJ (but not Dreamwidth! Cross-posting for the win) a long while ago, and I was just too worn out when I got home to come on and post anything.

Now, time to start a new chapter. Well, after I find out when I'm really being let go. We do have a wind-down to do still.
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Been playing my Warrior in Rift a bit too much lately.

Yes, it's a boy. Still playing on Gnarlwood for the most part, since I actually ran into people I know there. :p
Mar. 14th, 2011 07:57 am

New Toy!

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Well, okay, not so much a "toy" as a video game. And not so much a "video game" as yet another MMO (YAMMO?).

So, I picked up Rift last weekend. Specifically, I picked up the collector's edition. Keith got a standard edition after playing mine for like 2 hours, so that should tell ya something.

I'm currently all over the place in terms of where I'm playing. Still trying to figure out where I'm going to settle. I'll post peectures and stuff when I remember to. Knowing me, that'll be some time next year.

In other news, time changes can kiss my fat ass. I was SO CONFUSED ALL DAY YESTERDAY. And super tired this morning. But now I'm caffinated, so it's all good.
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So, I'm just gonna put this out there for anyone who watched last night's episode of Glee. I didn't make it, but, really, it sorta summarizes the episode in a nutshell.

cut for your protection )
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So, the fact that Rolling Stone is interviewing Gagstain Beiber in the first place makes me twitch, but asking his opinions on rape and abortion? Of course, the fact that his answers are completely fucking stupid and rage inducing isn't helping matters any.

Guess what, Canada? He'll be voting age soon. Have fun with that.
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2011 is not getting off to a good start.

Work had a bad holiday, leading to start of month stress.

Grandma's health took a turn for the worse immediately after my vacation, leading to more stress.

Knew that layoff's were coming, it was just a matter of when exactly. Add more stress.

Layoff's happened while I was at home on a vacation day. Feel free to do the math.

Grandma died that following weekend.

And I am now sick as a dog.

Hi, 2011? Get back in your box, you're not ready yet.
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Y'all, this was my evening. And [profile] cmpriest recognized me. Yes, I had a flustered fanboy moment, but managed to not make a fool of myself. And I probably should have explained that my username is read "Jdot M.I.", but I was having an internal "HOLYSHITSHERECOGNIZEDME™" moment.

Oh, and [profile] cmpriest completely reminds me of [personal profile] brigittefires. Er, without the, uh, well if you know her you know what the without would be. :p Cuz I can't find a way of typing it without it sounding even wronger than it should sound. :p
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Just posting this as I know certain people who read this journal will be interested in knowing what I'm doing with my Sims of late.

That is all.
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Working around the clock, bitches!

I'm going to avoid Hyjal for at least another 11 hours now. So freaking tired of skinning dragonkin...

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