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Time to go back to work! I had a good vacation, not that anyone here could tell due to my entire lack of posting, but hey.

Went to a party last weekend, painted my kitchen, watched some TV, played some Sims 2, played some Hellgate London, played some EverQuest 2, played some City of Heroes. And the week seemed so so so long. Now I'm ready to go back to work. Amazing what a good vacation will do for that!

Design Star had the final design last night. I'm voting for Jen all the way. I'd watch either of their shows, but Jen's room was the most well done and Matt's seemed to have some holes in the wall (???) and an outlet plate missing in the living room/closet.

In not so happy news, my cat Daniel has decided to bleed again while urinating. We think he's just got something clogging him up like a stone. I'm calling the vet this morning to set up an appointment.

Well, time to get ready to head out the door!
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Online Gaming
I'm still playing EverQuest 2. Through July at the least. It's fun now, so who knows. We'll see.

I haven't logged in to City of Heroes/Villains much in the last couple weeks. A brief break has been good for me. I need to buckle down and level up my Widow, though.

I reactivated my World of Warcraft account and got sucked into Karazhan my first night back. And, uh, I haven't really logged in since. :p I will, honest! Just, well, EQ2 ate my brain. Seriously. I'm zombietyping right now. Pretty soon, I'll be all NOM NOM NOM on the keyboard and my co-workers will think I've finally lost my shit.

Kitty Drugs
Daniel kitty is feeling better. Yes. He got sick again. No, no bloody urine this time (although, there was a small potential spot of bloody urine I found). But the vet (who is as sick of us showing up as we are of visiting her, but she's totally awesome so it's only "sick of" in the "could my cat suck any more money out of me?" way) gave us a 30 day supply of anti-spasmodic/antibiotic pilly goodness. He's been happy as a clam since three days of meds passed. He doesn't like getting pilled, but he's beginning to learn that pilling time also equals gooshy food time, so he doesn't shred the furniture any more than normal due to it.

Tabletop Games
[livejournal.com profile] rubicontiger ran a Mage game over the weekend for me and [livejournal.com profile] satyr_mi. We were a wee bit brutal with him, but overall I'd call the game a success. Fun was had, storylines were introduced, and we have a reason to play again! I'm thinking every two weeks or once a month would be good, simply because I don't want to have every weekend be the same thing. ;)

I'm sorta wanting to run a 3.5 game again. Figure that out.

...is almost over. Time to post this puppy and punch back in.
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Since I'm sucked into EQ and EQ2 land, I figured I may as well post some screenies from EQ2.

LJ Cut for your pleasure. )
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So, I'm back in EverQuest land for free for a bit now. I found some pictures that speak to some of the incarnations of Ruann in that post! Are you ready for this? There's also some other characters that may be familiar to some of my more recent online gaming friends...

Let's do the time warp again. )
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So, not many people really know who the character in this icon is. Well, if you look you'll see the name, and several of my gaming friends on here have seen variations of her in other games. This is a drawing that was done of my Halfling Druid (Ruann E`Paul) in the original EverQuest by a guildmate of mine in the Fourth Wall. Sometime in the past few weeks (prolly the launch of Age of Conan), Sony decided to reactivate every EverQuest and EverQuest 2 account out there. Including mine.

I'm downloading EQ Classic now. It'll be done in about 10 minutes or so.

I'm patching EQ2 now. It'll be done in a couple hours. :p

So, yeah. Ruann of Tarew Marr will be getting logged in. And I'll get to see which of my other characters survived. She's all of 32, so she's got some cool toys to play with. Hell, she's got some massively epic toys she was twinked with by guild mates, but still. Granted, the Tarew Marr server long ago merged with another server (Drinal), but that's ok. I know at least 4 of my characters survived the process. Ruann, Kalleesta, Letalli, and Vesla.

Nostalgia is a weird weird thing. Heh. My account for EQ was created in 1999. Ruann was last logged in on November 16th, 2005. This will be interesting.

So, for those who are curious, here's the progression of the Ruann characters in various games:

Original Version: Ruanne Paul, specialist wizard in the school of Cosmetology (2nd Edition AD&D, Forgotten Realms campaign based somewhat on Highlander the summer after my freshman year of college, humorous character. Do the math.)

EverQuest Version: Ruann E`Paul, Hallfing Druid of Karana (Tarew Marr server, Fourth Wall guild)

Dark Age of Camelot Version: Ruann Epaul, Briton Friar (Palomides server, Fourth Wall guild)

Anarchy Online Version: Karyl "Ruann" Silvestrini, Solitus Martial Artist (Rubi Ka 1, or whatever it's named now, Omni-Tech side, Fourth Wall)

Final Fantasy XI Version: I don't even remember. I'm repressing. Don't make me cut you.

City of Heroes Version: Kung Ru, Martial Arts/Regeneration Scrapper (Once on Pinnacle in the Fourth Wall supergroup, now on Virtue in Terra Incognito). Silvestrini, Martial Arts/Willpower Stalker (Virtue, Luna Incognito. The Praetorian version of Kung Ru).

World of Warcraft Version: Ruann, Halfling Warrior (Aggramar server, Signum Incognitus)

D&D Online Version: Human Warrior (I don't remember what server, I'm not repressing quite as bad as FFXI, at least)

EverQuest 2 Version: Ruann, Halfling Warden (Unrest server)
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I have been so bad at posting lately. I know, I've been a boring LJ user. I can't help it! Well, okay, I could help it, but I haven't really cared to. I have been reading LJ (perhaps a bit too much), and occaisionally replying to people at least. I'm one of those people who reads without comment about 99% of the time.

So, what have I been up to lately? Well, it's been pretty much more of the same for me. Working during the week, playing video games and watching TV when I'm not at work. Dropping the entire contents of my desk onto my dinner. Well, okay, that part was unusual. That was Tuesday night. Much fun. I should probably clean my desk since it never happened after the cleaning frenzy from the other day.

I don't know what it is about this week, but I've been completely klutzy. I managed to break the water dish we use for our cats by dropping a cutting board on it, I nearly dropped the lid for one of our casserole dishes, and I've just had a series of random acts of butterfingers all over the place. Fortunately, it's calmed down since Tuesday's desktop-in-dinner fiasco.

So, in other news, Letalli finally became a Paladin in EverQuest 2. Yes, you read that right. :p

See, we bought EQ2 when the game launched. We played it for a month and promptly abandoned it. Apparently, a lot of people did that. Anyway, I was feeling antsy, and WoW-burnout was threatening to set in, so this past weekend I did something impulsive and reinstalled it and reactivated my account. 5 hours of patching later (HOLY FUCK!!), and I was gleefully logging Letalli back in to the game.

When last I had left her, she had been smack dab in the middle of killing 500+ gnolls to get the people of Qeynos to love her. Back in the "old days" of city betrayal and class changes every 10 levels. There have been a lot of changes since then. For example, she was now a Shadowknight instead of a Crusader and she needed to hoof it on back over to Freeport and pull juvenile pranks on the people of Freeport to get the people of Qeynos to love her. That was rapidly successful and she became a shiny new Paladin.

Sadly, nobody I know from Back In The Day™ still plays. Fourth Wall made a half-hearted attempt at getting into it, but most of us bailed fast. I know a few stayed for a while, but even they've since left for newer pastures. I'm not going to get to play tonight because I have a Karazhan raid to attend in WoW.

Well, there's more I could post about, but I want to do something on my Lunch break other than stare at the journal entry page on LJ.
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I have a bunch of characters that I have been playing in various incarnations for over a decade now. Some of them I've been playing for 15 years easily. With City of Villains right around the corner, I've got the opportunity to get yet another take on and old character of mine.

So, let's delve into the world of character history, shall we?

Letalli V'Lesra, from Elven Princess to Regretful Shadowknight, and back again. )

Lisa Stall, from crazy fire-loving Mage to really fucking scary Tremere Vampire )

Ruanne Paul, from Specialist Wizard in the School of Cosmotology to really short druid to ultimate kick-ass! )

Now, I suppose it's only fair to mention a couple of characters who never really made the dive into multiple games. Sarina Matrilor should have, by all accounts, been a character I kept with me forever. While I've tried to make versions of her in games, none have ever stuck. She was modeled off of Red Sonja (but blond!) and was a lot of fun when I played her originally. I've just never been able to get her moving along again. Darren Sundance has made some cameos in games other than D&D, but none lasted more than a week. He was another comedic character I thought I could bring back, but he never made it.

So, now, we come to the character I'm excited about revisiting and creating a new past for with City of Villains.

Calista Matrilor/Kalleesta Nefaras, from insane cousin to dark priestess to even darker Necromancer. )

The user icon for this post is the first online version of Kalleesta. Original EverQuest graphics and all. And, in case you're wondering, that red chainmail she's wearing is the Blood Stained Tunic. I wonder how many people remember what that is? (Why, yes, she is KOS in North Freeport, why do you ask?)

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